Month: April 2014

Personal| Mandala Art by Oruha

“It takes an Artist to Inspire Another” This is the line I always share to my colleague, Just the same as how I spent last week, I started it by attending Oruha’s Mandala Art Exhibition. If you noticed, my Henna tattoo designs are based on traditional Indian Henna designs, similar to Oruha san, Mandala is based on round patterns that represents the emanating powers of the cosmos or the universe. One way or another, I felt this strong artistic connections to her so I definitely paid her gallery a visit.

Events| Wear Bespoke, Wear Tino Suits

  Tino Suits finally launched their brand, April1, 2014 at Solaire Resorts and Casino, the Event Started with a simple yet heart warming video clips, consist of Testimonials from their previous clients where the proposition of having a “BESPOKE” suit has been clearly distinguish among the clips.  Ms,Eilene, daughter or Sir. Nap Arienza making her speech, sharing her idea that “her father’s acquired talents must be drawn out to more Filipinos who deserve to take pleasure in wearing high-quality material” there she establish the brand TINO. To be Honest, This will be the most heart warming  event I’ve been so far. The hosts “G.Tongi and Vince Golanco” were (I) actually consider as “Happy Clients” as they were talking about their jaw dropping experience with Tino Suits and it was really a usual reaction for a happy customer, then video clips starts rolling, I realized, majority in the room were actually all their satisfied client, then, There I waited for the flashy modes to walk from the back stage, yet that wasnt the situation now, because for them, their clients are their perfect …