Month: February 2016

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Lifestyle | Diageo – Manila Golden Age

Diageo Reserve, along with it’s esteemed pool of bartenders, transported “White Space Makati” back into the precious streets of Manila, dubbing it as “Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails”. Reliving the Vibrant Streets of with elements such as TAHO Cocktail along with the new interpretations of Filipino Staples such as Samalamig, Sago Pearls, Soy Milk and a (my favorite) cocktail on a cellophane, just as how Pinoys would enjoy drinks of their choice, may it be Soda or Fruit Juices, just the right atmosphere in enjoying Pinoy Street Feels, crafted by Diageo Bartenders that will represent our country in a Global Scale Mixology Competition – “WORLD CLASS 2016”.

Repertory Philippines Almost Maine Jamie Wilson Natalie Everett

Lifestyle | Repertory Philippines – Almost Maine

Repertory Philippines’ ALMOST MAINE, a romantic comedy that will leave you breathless from one act to another, with elements that will tickle your imagination from performances that will drown you from laughter and tears in situations that is surely relate-able, it is the most HUGOT play I’ve been to by the way. Almost Maine is a mythical place, owing no real geographic reference except to the human heart(alam na?), so orient your self to laugh and cry simultaneously with stage performances that will make your while. MYTHICAL… SOMETIMES FANTASTICAL It is a cold bleak landscape, difficult to live in, and even harder to endure, but somehow the people that inhabit this place still manage to fill it with warmth, love, friendship and hope. It is their emotional journey that makes this place, located in the loneliest and most solitary corners of our hearts, still a place worth living. Written by John Cariani, ALMOST, MAINE is one of those endearing plays that captures your imagination almost immediately, and never lets go. With 19 characters played by a cast of only four people, it …

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Digital Lifestyle | Globe Telecom Travel Sim

For those who love to Travel, Globe Telecom  is supporting “Visit the Philippines Again 2016″ campaign through the Traveler SIM, also Globe is launching Relive Wonderful Philippines in parallel to the Tourism Campaign. Relive Wonderful Philippines is a video contest where international visitors (Non-Philippine residents and OFWs) can submit a video showcasing why they love the Philippines and what they want to do in the country again. The winner of the best video will win a ticket to fly back to the Philippines with a companion to their destination of choice complete with hotel accommodation and allowance from Globe. More details can be found at

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In Style | See You Layered

Indulge it while supply last! Defrosting season acts like a SUPER FULL MOON to most fashion lovers who are in Tropic countries like Philippines. This season allows us to cast the deadliest layered clothing especially the dapper pieces with layers in complete attendance. In this article, it’s a layered look post, sharing how I enjoyed this very short cold climate, all coated with my favorite Parka Jacket :D. Parka Jacket(H&M) White Button Down (Uniqlo) Denim Jacket (Forever 21/21 men) Denim Jeans (Penshoppe) Dress Shoes (Call It Spring) Boots (OutBack) Tie (SM Department) Hair (SPOILT Pomade)

Lifestyle | Converse One Star World Tour

last week, we witnessed how Converse Skate Team took charge on the ground with all their jaw dropping Skateboard Tricks,  Converse Skate Team Tour Video is a compilation of Skateboarding, Skateboarding, and more and more Skateboarding that even I feels like I’ve wasted my childhood not learning how to collaborate with the board. The video were the highlights of the tour for over 4 weeks in 4 regions (Europe,Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific,North America and Latin America) The Converse Global Ambassadors made it much more interesting, the way they show their tricks just proved they are worth the title, ambassadors such as Zered Basset, Jason Jessee, Ben Raemers, Aaron Herrington,Louie Lopez, Kenny Anderson,Frank Gerwer, Sammy Baca, Eli Reed, Sean Pablo, Mike Anderson , Jake Johnson,Al Davis, Tom Remillard ,Don Nguyen, Bobby De Keyser,Sage Elsesser, Andrew Brophy, Jerome Campbell, Carlos Cardenosa, David Stenstrom and Remy Taveira. Filmed and edited by Richard Quintero and Ben Chadourne. Thanks for reading and watching hahha.

Lifestyle | Snow Cap with L-Glutathione

Glutathione has been well-known in the Philippines for years, but many Filipinos regard it just simply a “SKIN WHITENING PRODUCT”. However I got excited when I made a few readings about this wonderful supplement, which I recently tried after my SINULOG escapade. The recent Sinulog was a very rigid trip, for first timers, like me, I was planning to attend only on events when I feel like or as required by my Blogger Duties. But that plan didn’t happen ha-ha, I ended up partying from Wednesday to Saturday – from sunset up to sunrise – and I still have to perform my Blogger duties on daytime, I’m not really a YOLO-type of person, but the main issue started when I came back to my reality.

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Digital Lifestyle | Get a Free Trip with Google over a Monkey Hunt!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year! especially in the Philippines, as much as we want to join the crowded streets in Binondo, China Town. Why not enjoy the Holiday off for an adventure even without stepping out of your room. Yes that’s Possible! As I was exploring my Google Card Board, I found out that Google started a little virtual Monkey Hunt to find as many of the ‘Monkeys of Street View’ as they could. Google Street View is a Google Product that enables you to view a 360 degrees view at a certain location on your Monitor as if you were actually there, like traveling anywhere you want for FREE.

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Personal | “To Go” on Valentines?

Quoting  “love is just around the corner” but one of the few question is “which corner?”, Where and How could be the best date ever happen? Answering most of my friends’ issue for the coming “Valentines Day”, I made a list of your possible Place to take your Lover and carry out that BEST DATE EVER plan. but first you need to Orient Your Self.