Month: March 2016

Victory Devotional Holy Week

Holy Week Devotional

I am Re-posting an announcement/invitation for a Devotional carefully outlined to help you meditate and reflect on how important that we know the value why we celebrate HOLY WEEK. I would like to share the article below to all my readers and I hope this will enlighten you and brings you closer to God.

Clear Brunos Barbershop Hair Grooming Style Mens Wear Fashion Summerr Dandruff Lifestyle Health

Lifestyle | Dandruff Proofed with Clear Men + 3k Bruno’s Cash Card – Give Away

Quoting “Every Summer has a Story” and I know everyone has already set their Summer Trips, and for Modern Men, I believe Dandruff is and should not be part of every episodes we’ll jump into this summer, unfortunately, Summer Heat triggers most factors that can cause or activates Dandruff. That’s why, CLEAR #1 Men’s Anti-dandruff shampoo partnered with Bruno’s Barbers, to give men the perfect cut they prefer and at the same time make them dandruff-proof with the launch of CLEAR DANDRUFF-PROOF STYLES by Bruno’s Barbers. 

Batman vs Superman Converse Shoes Sneakers Style Men Fashion Duane Bacon DC Comics

Style |Converse Philippines: Batman? or Superman?

Converse Philippines asked a Comic Geek like me “Which Team Are You?” haahaha! Seriously, I’d rather go for Terry McGinnis and Kara Zor El (Dunno Them? #GoogleMoLang). However, I admire Bruce Wayne since Im Pro-Ninja (Naruto!!!) and he’s the only one which basically JUST Human among the Main Justice League team, but in a romantic sense, I’d go for Clark Kent since I believe we all have our own Lana Lang in our lives, yung mahirap palitan kahit patay na *Hagulgol*. Oooppps Im so sorry for that, good news is! Converse Philippines has something for Batman and Superman Fans!!! woooohhh!!!

C2 Clean and Cool Summer Boracay Baguio Baler Party Music Festival Duane Bacon Blogger Lifestyle Mens Wear Juggle

Lifestyle | C2 Cool and Clean Adventures!

Summer Season has finally began! work your way out of the city and unwind as much as you can, and be sure to be HEAT Proof with a bottle of  C2. But adventures wont be completed with out a Destination. C2 has prepared an option for you to enjoy your weekend may it be on a mountain or at Shores. Either way, there are more exciting announcements I’m going to share below.

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Duane Bacon Blogger Travel Philippines Manila Cavite Summer Holiday Cover

Lifestyle | Island Cove Hotel

What makes a perfect vacation is actually the “vacation from distractions”, Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park is the perfect place to establish that peace of mind. Out from the bustling streets of Manila and hello to Tranquility in just 20 minutes coming from SM Mall of Asia. When in Island Cove Hotel, you may be away from the Metro Lifestyle but they have the amenities to fill up your leisure experience from Food, Zoo, Videoke and to Health related activities, all in.

Ichiba Japanese Market Food Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Resorts World Manila Entrance Interior

Lifestyle | Short trip to Ichiba Japanese Market

The other night, while I was walking around Resorts World and this particular scent lured me to the Sugoi-mazing Ichiba Japanese Market, yes! my love for TAKOYAKI and GYOZA didnt fail my senses hahaha!  Ichiba Japanese Market is the latest addition to Resorts World chain of restaurants to indulge with. Whether you are staying in Remington, Maxims or just around New Port City and you are craving for Japanese Cuisines or wanted to buy Japanese Goodies like Pocky, you got the right spot here!

Google Safer Internet Tools week - Infographics layout Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon

Digital Lifestyle | Google Safer Internet Tools

Going online in the usual thing we do aside from breathing, but there is more comfort if you know the Google Safer Internet Tools, especially we tend to overlook the aspect of SECURITY. Google rolled out new Internet Tools, and reminders to protect you from online dangers of all stripes—phishing, malware, and other threats to your personal information. Gerhard Eschelbeck, VP, Security and Privacy at Google created a list on things you need to do and things you need to learn, along with my personal experiences, let’s see if you miss the mark 😀 I hope that you’ll take a few minutes as well to learn how Google protects your data and how we can work toward a safer web, for everyone.