Month: January 2018

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Dying To Have That New Year’s Resolution

I’ve been thinking of having one since last year yet I just cant decide which bad habit to let go. And letting go of something we are used to takes a matter of reprogramming. What’s keeping me to pursue this project is that, I’ve proven this so many times before that stepping out of our comfort zone is and will always be something liberating and trust me its rejuvenating. Today, something dawned on me: “Why do I have to let go of my habits where in fact introducing something really good doesn’t require eliminating something” they just die on their own until the new you has emerged.

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Advocacy | Modern Heroes On Wheels!

Nothing feels more fulfilling than starting the year right by supporting Institutions to further their advocacy. This time, I am with CORE, my favorite clothing brand distributor: Primer group‘s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) arm. This has been an annual activity for them; where they choose local institutions and donate items that can supplement to their efficiency. This year they have “Cycle for Life” and “Tuburan Institute” as CORE‘s beneficiary. Usually this kind of gathering fills your heart as you hear inspiring stories on how they started and the life changing contribution in the community. But it was a different kin