Month: February 2018

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My AF Kwentong Jollibee – Meron Rin Ako Noh!

Last night my churchmate asked me “Bakit lahat nalang ginagawan ng kwento?” In philosophy, non of us are original, we all learn from History that’s why telling a story that you can relate is a beautiful arsenal to deliver the message, LOL, OA ba? hahahha!!! but seriously, most of the advertisement in the local scene are inspired by a true story that draws emotion as it wins our empathy towards the  characters.

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Saging Na Lang Ba Talaga Ang May Puso? #PlayItRight

In this “Digital Content Consumer Generation” streaming movies, vlogs, live video, Snapchat, Instagram Story etc comes as if it’s part of our daly routine. People streaming Movies and Series Illegally Online happen to be a normal thing for us. But haven’t you watched how people passionately worked for that content? yung mga BTS or Behind The Scene? There’s this particular with Die Beautiful, Pochoy highlighted that some of the crew stays for how many days in the set just to finish the filming process? or have you seen Ms. Villma Santos’ “Ekstra”? Diba lunGkot ng buhay nila? Every time you purchase pirated contents, you deprive them of the income they deserve, the time they should have had spent with their family and the future of the Philippine Cinema.

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When You Realize Nurturing Communities Is Our Business – Google Philippines Anniversary

It was a long day for me last Wednesday, January 31. Fresh from Davao I went straight to Makati for a series of presentation. Then ended the day as I attended the Google Philippines’ 5th Anniversary for a Sunset Party to Super Moon x Blue Moon x Blood Moon viewing as we celebrate not just the anniversary, but the mile stone  on how much Google Philippines supported our country and all our esteemed digital content creators. All the while, I went teary as it gave me the opportunity to look back at my adventure along with Google. 2011 I started with Google Map until now under lifestyle, then as Sir Ken Lingan (Google Ph Country Manager) enumerates all the campaigns and products Google Philippines contributed, it was aaaawwwwww~~~mazingly nostalgic. I never knew we already did a lot of things in just 5yrs.

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I usually play Mobile Legends around 6am while answering mother nature’s call (wink wink). While playing this morning, it’s just weird, that Facebook Messenger popped and I saw the intro that goes like this “Duane, any dating tips?” I didnt bother since I’m doing ranks yet in a snap, I was posses by this concept. Oo nga noh? How you play Mobile Legends has something to be compared to dating. Imagine Mobile Legends is a Speed Dating app? you are sorted to 5 different persons, you clash, you cooperate and at the end of the game you can add them up if you like how they play. So I selected a few jargon and try to make it relevant to dating hahahhah! I hope this can answer your dating inquiries hahahaha!!!