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Before the duanebacon.com — I started as a Cosplayer Turned Lookbooker turned Blogger. Once upon a time I was just a regular Geek on Tumblr, talking about my fandoms about Anime, Cosplays and Everything Geek, until one day, a Cosplay Photographer Friend of mine *Dennis Li* needed a Lab Rat for a Male Fashion Folio hahaha it took us an Hour before I got the pacing *urgh and that was under a 2pm Sun and I was fresh from a bloody Service Marketing Exam* anyway, since the photos look good (on a Starter Level) someone gave me a PIN for Lookbook Beta *Those were the good old days when LookBook.nu was just lookbook*
I stop blogging by 2013 since I thought blogging is not part of my reality anymore, until Globe Telecom and WordPress PH Pips keeps on motivating me until 2015(yeah that long) when Im about half way mg Mystery Shopper Days, I realized that my opinion as a Market Maven has to be shared and poof! Im back on track! it took my that long to find my Niche, my Brand and my Writing Style, and I owe this to Blogger Friends who motivated and mentored me.

www.duanebacon.com is a Growing Blog, a one man team from Styling, Writing, SEO and Visuals. Since 2015, this personal blg had collaborated with a number of brands and photographers. DB.com is still evolving and I cant help but be grateful by the inspirational Bloggers and Personalities that surround it 😀

Email: duanebacon@live.com
Twitter: @duanebacon
Instagram: @duane_bacon

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