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Digital Lifestyle | Date Night with Baninay and Daniel Marsh #DuoGoals

So the Valentines fever isnt over! As Google Philippines hosted another creative way to use (no bias) the most efficient Video Calling App to find both Vloggers, Daniel Marsh and the latest Youtube Sensation, PBB Housemate, “Baninay Bautista” A DATE! as in someone-you-go-out-with-to-get-to-know 😀

Before anything else, it was on the night of Feb 21. We were invited to go out for a Dating Night with a twist, obviously by using Google Duo . From there I got a hint that something strange will happen, yes! every google event really scares me, sometimes it looks so simple but, sigh, it’s just something you just cant underestimate.

So, I brought with me a sacrificial lamb, hahahah!!! I brought Chael, a Vlogger friend of mine, who I think is perfect for the task. Read More

Penshoppe Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Style Fashion Summer

Style | How I survived an Impromptu Shopping Spree @ Penshoppe UTC

Few weeks ago, Penshoppe recently released its Summer 2017 collection along with the opening of its newest flagship store dubbed as—Penshoppe Capital. The collection features a myriad of stylishly trendy pieces that are not only affordable, but keeps you stylishly suitable for Philippine weather, yet as always takes cue from global fashion trends.

On the same day, we had an impromptu shopping spree at the same branch. I went on a panic since most of the items are new and not of those that I was eyeing days before the actual shopping. Join me as I list down some of my lessons.

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Sign


With Globe Wanderland happening this weekend, My picks has to be inspired by the free spirit of music and arts festivals. Good thing I found a handful of neutrals and  mutable colors to incorporate in my looks.

The problem is, how to think of what to wear in an ocean of new items I am not familiar of??? Keep Calm Duane! hahahha So I look around and realized what were those brand ambassadors for. They represent a particular branding, a certain style so I took what I am most related with.

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My Hauls

Quoting the Press Article’s description about Mario:


“Just like Mario, you too can look like an Asian superstar with this ensemble that matches pink cotton shirt and light denim button-down together with walking shorts and sneakers. Casual, comfortable, and appropriate for both out-of-towns and city strolls, this look captures the true essence of summer.”


Lookbook | Summer Ready With Penshoppe

Well since my features are quite feminine, I’ll try to avoid such colors and focus on the silhouette describes as “…comfortable, and appropriate for both out-of-towns and city strolls…” Got my self, a Modern Fit Shorts and ehem trying something new, to wear something from the female section, a Lotus Pants. Both made out of cotton

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Wear Shorts Summer

Since Summer ready doesn’t just mean it has to be under the heat, I also got my self a jacket that I can use in Baguio, Sagada or just inside a very cold air-conditioned facility as you know Philippines is a “Forever Summer Country” and everything has to be breathable and good for cold places.

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Wear Summer Ready

For this event I fashioned my branding with Mario and Lucky (Ay waw), just stay tuned for my Lookbook tho Im still busy with my personal life so stay tuned.

Aside from the Hauls, I took some interesting shots around the place:

What Duane Saw

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Capital

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Cute Cats

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Wear Anti Band Wagon

Make It a Destination

Dubbed Penshoppe Capital, the 800-square meter fashion haven features an edgy yet minimalist layout with white walls, floors, and ceiling. It also has giant LED screens playing the brand’s latest campaigns in place of display windows.

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Fun

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Ice Cream

“One of our biggest considerations when designing Penshoppe Capital is to make it a destination,” shares Jeff Bascon, Penshoppe’s Brand Director. “In order to do this, we need to create a unique shopping experience. That’s when we thought about playing with space. The store is laid out in such a way that shoppers can easily move from one section to the next and allows everyone to have a clear view of the brand’s offerings at a macro perspective.”

Aside from my blogger friends who tagged a gazillion photo of us during the event, let me post some of the people who inspire me with their craft as a people who works behind fashion industry 😀

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Kirby Balagtas

Penshoppe UP Town Center Duane Bacon Blogger Mens Ryuji Nate Edward

Penshoppe Capital at UP Town Center is home to Penshoppe’s biggest selection of fashion pieces. From fresh drops to classic favorites like essential shirts and DenimLab pants, it will be the one place where anyone can go to see everything that the brand offers at a specific time.

How Do You Like It?

Im really sorry for being on a Hiatus mode for a couple of months now but as hard as it is, Having some Hosting and Blog Migration issue is really a challenging way to start 2017 as a blogger so I hope you stay tune as I relaunch my blog pretty soon.

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Coke Cola Tagahatid Pasko Christmas Concert Duane Bacon Jadine James Reid Nadine Lustre

Events | Coca Cola Christmas Concert BTS with JaDine, BaYlona and Other Local Artist

How can it not be the most wonderful time of the year when Philippines’ biggest performer and crowed favorite couples hang out together?  It was a fun night with Coca Cola #TagahatidPasko Concert at MOA Concert Grounds last Saturday Dec 3.

Coke Cola Tagahatid Pasko Christmas Concert LA Aguinaldo Model

This is the 1st time Im seeing LA Aguinaldo Host in person.

It was also one of the most heart warming celebration for me as well. I thought it would be like one of those Concerts I’ve been to, with the usual blogger duties, photo here and there but it was a good day for me as I saw some of my friends in the industry and reminded me how this people behind the scene work hard to support other people’s dream. The hashtag it self is also a tear jerking one,  #TagaHatidPasko who then is your Taga Hatid Pasko?Coke Cola Tagahatid Pasko Christmas Concert LA Aguinaldo Richard Juan Model Read More

Youtube Duane Bacon Lesha Chael Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Creator Day

Digital Lifestyle | Youtube Hacks On My 1st YT Creator Day :D

One rainy afternoon well spent with my Youtuber friends Lesha and Chael. It was the warmest Digital Content Creators event I’ve ever been! Energies exploding here and there, Hi, hello blah blah blah!!! Youtubers are so bubbly and very sociable! hahaha!!! They definitely share a different kind of strand compared to the other creatures you’ll find in the internet world.

This is the first time Im stepping in Lesha and Chael’s community while they’re in their Youtuber mode. I was so surprise on how I got alienated in an amusing way. From the moment I stepped in the venue, both Lesha and Chael noticed me and I thought it would be our usual day but no!

They, for some reason both my friends are in sync, “Hi Duane”, then I noticed something, I look down and had that “Oh-There-Is-It” face. I noticed they were pointing their cameras at me and it was clear that we are rolling!

So This Is How You Talk To Youtubers

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Mannerism

As I got seated, I noticed the same mannerism with everyone, so I guess that’s normal. Youtubers has this way of “Looking at the camera yet they were actually talking to you” and for someone like me, it’s kinda weird talking to someone next to you yet you are actually talking to the camera.

Youtube Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Rose Azrael

Information Overload

Youtube Creator day is most likely a community day for youtubers, and recently I noticed, youtube interacts and support it’s creators by feeding them online tutorials and events that enables the community to grow and interact with one another.

I have to agree with this, for Innovation begins with interaction.

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Rose Curly

Everybody’s so supportive and patiently fall in line to take photos and sorts. I never felt this warm in all digital creators gathering.

As Youtube launched the YouTube Partner Program in the Philippines in 2013. Since then, the Philippines has seen over 80 channels with over 100,000 subscribers, and 5 channels with over 1 million subscribers.

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Suzzane Gamer Cosplayer

a rare occation for me to meet gamer slash otaku digital nomads :d yey! kawayiii 😀

The whole afternoon, there are bloggers who shared their expertice and also Q&A portion, more like mentoring.

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Enrique

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Ranz Kyle Niana

Performances were also expected, yey! Hazel Faith in the flesh!!! hahahaha Pinoy youtubers are our bragging rights when it comes to talents.

Do Things Right at Youtube Academy

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon

Okay, what if you missed or you werent invited during the Youtuber Creator Day? No worries, there’s a lot to learn at Youtube Academy, from Marketing to Productions, booom!!! this is definitly the academy that feeds you with enough knowledge, for free and at your own pacing.

click here for Youtube Academy directlink.

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle getting started

YouTube’s Creator Services Directory is an easy-to-use online directory of digital video Service Providers.

This directory allows you to explore YouTube’s resources and search for YouTube Certified companies that can help grow your business. It’s a place for information on service providers that offer rights management, ads optimization, social listening and Content publishing. Visit our YouTube Support page for more information.

Youtube Creator Day Blogger Youtuber Digital Lifestyle Page Tutorial

Find courses and resources online to help you along your Creator Journey: from topics such as making VR videos to making money on YouTube, you’ll find what you need to succeed.

ass much as I want to share more but I think this blog is getting too long so I guess I’ll let Lesha’s Vlog tell it all hahahh click her photo below 😀

Check Lesha’s Vlog | Youtube Creator Day With Lesha

if there are other youtube related stuff you want me to feature, dont be shy to drop a comment 😀

svelti derm derma duane bacon blogger mens wear model lifestyle beauty cover

Frequently Asked | How I Lessen My Scars + 5k Giveaway

People cant help but notice how my skin looks better in contrast years ago. I never knew I’d be talking about this now. Ever since, I usually preach “How Confidence Can Be A Game Changer” though, no matter how my confidence grow, there’s one thing it cant fix. —> Scars 🙁

My pimples were never the loner type, they prefer hanging out by groups of at least 3 and they were really clingy. As I’m getting use to having scars, thinking maybe my confidence would take other people’s attention away from my scars, sad reality, I cant keep it if it’s placed in the front row, more like pawns waiting to die but NO! it’s my self esteem that dies first before my scars. Read More

3PM Coffee Habit? It's Gotta Be Jollibee Creamy Floats!

Promo | 3PM Coffee Habit? It’s Gotta Be Jollibee Creamy Floats!

It’s that season of the year where Coffee intake happens to spike way up the scale, and “Fourth Quarter Syndrome” is a mere excuse for some lavish Coffee break. In this quarter; you take in coffee products in various forms from Hot, Cold, Jelly and the likes, not just to keep you awake with all the deadlines but in a form of a wonderful affliction. Read More


Style | Start Fresh With Mossimo This Season!

Mossimo Philippines unravel the newest face of street wear with pieces inspired by unconventional zest of Urban x Street fusion. Mossimo is up for a new capsule collection and it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen from the brand before, namely Mossimo X.

In my mind, it’s still the Mossimo California Laid back that always reminds me of Brent Javier.

Yet with the Mossimo X, “The pieces are very dynamic, easy to wear, up-to date and versatile yet daring” as per John Lozano (Stylist Curator of Mossimo X).

Well, I have to agree. During the launch of Mossimo X, I was at awe and wanting to immediately grab my own piece! Streetwear like these will effortlessly pump up the style in your look, killing your “what to wear vibe” to “Ooh I dont care what I’ll pair with this” coz it’s basically all made up to be stylish even whatever you pair on it. Read More

Uniqlo Fall Winter Water Repellant Look Book Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Turtle Neck Hoodie Jacket Converse

Style | Keeping A Style In Water Resistant Apparels

Functionality always comes first for me when I dress up. During the rainy season, the worst thing is when you get soaked wet when you are yet to begin the day. Or to do laundry when the sun is hiding behind the clouds crying all week. There was this week where I spent the parts of the day with wet shoes, still trying to be professional. Good thing my favorite brands Uniqlo and Converse has this thing for rainy season yet aesthetically speaking “presentable ” hahaha.

Uniqlo Fall Winter Water Repellant Look Book Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Converse Counter Climate


Water Resistant and Reversible Hoodie Jacket & Fleece Turtle Neck  from Uniqlo
Spray On Skinny Jeans from Topman
Water Resistant High Cut Sneakers from Converse

Uniqlo Fall Winter Water Repellant Look Book Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Mirror Fleece

Picking The Color Pallet

When it comes to color palette, I follow what’s present in the nature especially when Im in doubt. for example in this look, I pegged the colors from a fruit hahah Orange! hahahaha. God is the creator and imitating life isnt a bad thing hahaha.

Check | Uniqlo Fall Winter 2016


My usual choice for tops will always be “Cotton” and Denim for colder weather, the chance of wearing this Water Resistant Hooded Jacket is just because the color Forest Green was so alluring the moment I passed by Uniqlo, I never knew I’ll be including it in my lookbook hahahaha.

Plus it’s reversible!

I havent done any product shots for the shoes yet since it’s water resistant, not a single “weathering effects” happened hahaha but I tried walking it under the rain, tho, the staining effect didn’t worked, I was amazed it was for real! it’s authentically WATER RESISTANT.

The Lunar Glide features for Converse Chuck 2 has it’s own perks. Soft Rubber Sole similar to crocs footwear topped with a water resistant textile and very comfy breathable design, BOOOM!!!  Just what I needed. I know boots can be really helpful in this season, but seriously, only a few finds comfort in boots. Sneakers are always the best option!

Uniqlo Fall Winter Water Repellant Look Book Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger

Recently I have this feeling that I really want a new look. maybe I’ll explore different items and try to share how my search goes hahaha. if you like what I have here, just let me know by writtin a comment below or interact on my Instagram @duane_bacon.

I’mm catching up on my back logs so expect more post coming up 😀

Uniqlo Fall Winter Duane Bacon Fashion Style Blogger Mens Wear

Style | Who Said Fall Winter 2016 Has To Look Shady?

Fall Winter Trend always have the darker palette. Unfortunately for me who is sweaty and lives on an island that is Forever Summer. For practicality’s sake, I prefer apparels that I can wear with me on top of Kiltipan-Breath-Taking-Foggy-Sunrise down to the slums of Metro Manila, yet still fashionable. I found this on Uniqlo Fall Winter 2016 collection. Let Colors incorporate in your Fall Winter look.

“When I gaze upon the works of your hands, tell me who am I that You are mindful of me” — last night, this lyrics struck me. A God who can live and exsist without us, died on the cross, plus the verses from Romans3:23 and Romans 6:23 is just too much to engulf, Thank You Lord God! And I Pray, to those who read this will experience and FEEL the presence of the HolySpirit working in their lives, yung mga nasa kalsada pa papuntang Office at nag rereklamo na Monday nanaman, Kapit lang! Blessed ka, may Trabaho ka! Sa mga Estudyante, BLESSED ka kasi NAG AARAL KA, Thank you Lord for another Week and another Monday, Solo Dios Basta! Good Morning 🙂 #MindfulOhLordOurLord #VictoryFort #BuhayKristiano #BagongBuhaySeries #Travel #Kiltepan #Philippines #Happy Me #Blessed #Sunrise #Nature #Mountains

A photo posted by Duane Bacon (@duane_bacon) on

In UNIQLO, individuality in fashion comes from within. Uniqlo recognize that the more comfortable and suitable your apparel is, the more you will want to wear it. The LifeWear Fall/Winter Collection is presented in a manner that work perfectly for every occasion and remains stylish even in summer. Read More