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Digital Lifestyle | American Idiots Set Stage in Globe Telecom Iconic Store

The innovative Globe Telecom and 9 Works Theatrical is set to produce an iconic ultra rare Out Door theatrical performance with “American Idiots”. A very timely Rock Opera performance that can make you sing your lungs out, sink you teeth in or just being your usual massive Greenday Vibe. American Idiot is an story about three young man transitioning to adulthood, a universal struggle we all face at a time of our lives, and is sure relatable for all ages. The scene is a symbolic 9/11 America – Where they must face the challenges of love, teen pregnancy, war, drugs and loss. The Musical is set to incredibly biting and riveting music of Green Day  that features a surprisingly profound understanding of pains and frustrations of today’s youth.  Check my InstaVid during the PressCon.

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Lifestyle | McDonald’s Adorable Angry Birds has Landed!

The unstoppable Angry Birds wont just fit in your Mobile Devices coz now they’ve Landed not just on a wider screen but on the Silver Screen, We can witness our Favorite Angry Bird Characters live in action in their latest movie, available for public viewing, starting May 11, 2016, all over Philippine Cinemas, in collaboration with McDonalds, siempre, Angry Birds will be available in McDonalds Happy Meal as well! Collect 10 Happy Meal Toy collection that features playful characters from ‘The Angry Birds Movie,’ which gives a colorful back story to the biggest mobile game of all time.

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Lifestyle | #MoreThanTheUsual Snack Time with Granny Goose

Us Filipino shares the same passion in our love for food, and it comes in a number of ways, like enjoying binge eating with Granny Goose snacks over John Lloyd Bea films and the likes. What more our #MoreThanTheUsual Movie Marathon and Binge eating habit fused together, as the way, reaches the scale of “the Sky Is The Limit”. How about you? how do you enjoy your Granny Gose snacks? Cant decide? read more below 😀

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Lifestyle | Snickers: Dont Drive Hungry Initiative

As a Yuppie and a Freelancer, I can say, contemporary jobs are one hefty multitasking work work work work work, and there are days that requires us to drive into multiple locations,  especially driving now a days are both Emotionally and Physically demanding and you cant deny it is one of the causes most drivers are short fused, which relates to increase in Traffic Incidents. Good thing Snickers  Philippines, Launched their Dont Drive Hungry Initiative. April 23 at the Capitol Commons Carpark, Snickers gave away free temporary license plates to car owners who Pre-register at on the given time, They were accommodated and are happy (and I was so ENVY) with their limited edition Snickers Temporary Plate.

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Style | Oxygen X Billboard Collaboration

There are certain Songs or Playlist that influences the way we present our selves, Oxygen is well aware of that, no wonder when we visit Oxygen branches, their playlist possess us and helps us build up the Styling we want to establish. Speaking of Music and Playlists, This summer, well-loved local fashion brand, Oxygen, announces that it has entered into a partnership with Billboard, It’s not every day that you hear about local brands collaborating with international groups that are regarded as industry institutions.

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Lifestyle | Jollibee delivery #87000 Where ever you Are!

Good news! You can now indulge on your favorite Crispylicious Juicylicious Jollibee Chicken Joy any time, and anywhere you wish! no need to memorize a designated regional number but only to the exclusive #87000 dedicated line for Jollibee deliveries, where ever, whenever you are in the Philippines, Jollibee further emphasized the efficiency of the Jollibee Express Delivery service, with the introduction of the hashtag hotline and langhap-sarap meals arrives within the 30-minute guarantee.

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Style | Converse Chuck II Knit Sneakers

Defining the concept of Comfort, Converse showcases how possible it is through it’s latest innovation calling the series Chuck II, Launching in Spring 2016, which is b the way available to the Philippine Market now, the Chuck II Knit seeks to reimagine new avenues of design and creativity with leading texturized material and colors. Converse continues to explore the realm of comfort and innovation with the newest expression of Chuck II, the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Knit Collection.