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Digital Lifestyle | Do you Live the moment or you’re there to capture it?

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Quoting Donald Lim, “Do you Live the moment or you’re there to capture the Moment?” For the Digital Age, I love how Donald Lim pointed the reality of “Taking The Lead” or “you Go With The Flow”. Marketing happen to be a way of life for us, it’s part of our daily routine as political creatures.

The moment we want to imply something triggers the inner marketer in us. The simple act of Choosing your Profile Picture for your Social Media, Job Applications, Dressing Up, making friends and the likes. Here, I just want to share and made simpler the things I realized during the Dig.Ph Conference that is sure relevant especially more netizens misuse  their social media platforms.

First Of All

I took this post down after noticing that I over sell it on Instagram, I didnt realize it at first that the Quote “Do you Live the moment or you’re there to capture the Moment?” actually means differently when you apply it online and in personal. Also, I was speaking way too much in a business perspective  in the original post that I think my readers wont find interesting, so here’s a revised version, I decided to relate it into it’s simplest form, where moment marketing seems to be relevant not just for the SME but also for the netizens.

If there’s one thing to Summarize the Dig.Ph Conference, it would be “Moment Marketing” — Marketers online tend to do hard sell which makes them sound so boring and less attention grabbing.

Marketing Your Self online is a different thing compared to doing a Face To Face Marketing, basically this is a different Dimension, people doesn’t react the same way when they’re behind the monitors and when you speak to them in person, just like this circulating meme:

Eventually, every Over Selling tend to discourage existing and prospect clients *Just as what i did in Instagram hahahha*.

Netizens Should Know The Game of Social Media

Before I started earning attention over the social media, I was one of those “I’ll-post-whatever I-want!!!” kind of person, until a friend told me “Stop posting emo stuff and crappy photo” she added “Dude, being relevant online is not being way to personal, it has to be “HEY-IM-LIVING-THE-MOMENT” post.

She got me there, hence I started just living the moment, but as a blogger I evolved and learned both digital media and in person takes 2 different approach, and in this part, Donald Lim’s quote started to be relevant.

Here’s a formula for your Postings:

In Person

Living The Moment = Take Enough Photos, have Fun!

In Digital

Living The Moment  = Post Accordingly (Time, Season, What’s Trending on Twitter et al)

Live The Moment Marketing

Moment Marketing is more about being appropriate in terms of timing, but I cant proceed to the next part without telling the very basic of Online Marketing;

Be Found! 

Have you noticed that even your riches friend wont earn any social media interactions even if they post something really expensive, a trip in Europe or extreme activities like Free Diving? First step when you market online, make sure you use the right Platform and use the right Hashtags, it’s important.

Get Them Aroused!

in Moment Marketing, you need to know your followers fairly well, how they interact, what time they usually go online, what they would love to see and many more, basically HOW TO TRIGGER THEIR AROUSAL.

Be aware on the Details on why people go online, basically it’s because they are aroused in a certain idea which leads to the thing we call “MOMENTS”

I Want to Know Moments
I Want to Do Moments 
I Want to Go Moments 
I Want to Buy Moments 

There are the things that we need to define if we market something online, “Are You Follow Worthy?”

Be a Follow Worthy With This Content Guide

Wrapping up this post, by combining all the topics above, where contents has to be given the proper spotlight (Be Found) and we should know what to post (Get Them Aroused!) that leads to the question “What is a Quality Post?”. If you noticed those viral worthy posts has something in common. in Digital Marketing, there are 4 elements that are present and acts as a guide and if you are my fellow blogger, Im sure you are unconsciously aware we are actually doing this in most of our blogs.

  1. Credibility
  2. Unexpected
  3. Emotional
  4. Story

 When I was up on a Hot Air Balloon Experience, I took enough Videos and I just Died In the Moment! I was just up there and shut my self up, awed in nature’s marvel.

Below I had a late breakfast, soon that “What To Eat On Breakfast Moment” would end, so I rather posted it on the following day on a much earlier time so that people could see it before they decided what to eat for breakfast.

One more, living in a moment can be
1) Let a friend take a photo of you so that you can live it before you change roles.
2) Post it with the appropriate Hashtags, since it’s summer, then go for #Summer , if it’s out of the season, then go use the magical #ThrowBack #WayBack #FlashBack tags ahhah or go categorical like #Travel #Fashion #Food and things that are not bout by time.

If you live the moment, sharing it online wont be a hassle since you were there, just share your authentic experience, also, when you’ve been there, it’s so easy for you to relate to your market, it’s so authentic that unexpected things will turn out naturally. All These will produce strong Emotions and Story line that people will capture the readers or your market’s attention and would made them want to see more.

Let me know if this Post made sense by commenting below, and I hope I’ve resived it way better than it’s original state 😀 Thank you for reading 😀