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I know you have that content you just cant let go, especially those that completes your morning 😀 like your Yoga, or Michelle Phan teaching you how to look good or your favorite music video that get’s you in the zone.

Every body is fully aware of Youtube and most of us access it via Mobile, but do you know that the Youtube Mobile App actually has features exclusively for it? “Offline Mode” levels the playing ground. Continue reading as I share my experience, as in, Im live writing this post since it’s almost 2hrs and Im still in EDSA, Hapy Friday guys! Im running out of things to do and I wish I downloaded more content rather than waiting this to finish buffering since my connection is kinda “buffering” as well.


Okay, What about Unli Youtube Telco Promos?

There are incidents when strangers in the bus or someone sitting beside me while on a long queuing room waiting for our numbers to be called and situations that are similar to that, they always have the same question like “Are you connected to a public wifi?” and this situation happened again earlier so I decided to write about this wonderful feature in Youtube Mobile App that people are not aware about.

People will say, there are UNLI YOUTUBE BUNDLES under Telco, so what’s the point of having it on OFFLINE? 

Well, I think those comments would come from someone who doesnt have any adventurous inclination or they aren’t boyscouts enough when internet connections goes mood swinging, so for security purposes I love downloading NatGeo documentary and watch it while on transit especially on places with no internet or even pokemon movies that are available on youtube hahaha what a consumer.

My Relationship With My Youtube App

Basically, I’m a very nomadic person, I live inside my car and watching Local TV or News isnt my thing now, especially the media right now isnt as “informative as it is” everything is more like  in”ShowBiz Format” that News Flash are just exaggerated things and it’s misleading people and it’s really annoying.  So What I do is, I’d rather check online, wait for every google updates about politics and current events, also I look at the story on a multiple angle based on people I follow on Social Media.


I also use Youtube to feed my  inner Geek and Wellness Know How especially I live alone and on a tight budget 😀 Youtube DIY is generously existing there 😀



Im sure you have your own version of consuming contents on youtube that’s why I would love to let you know that with one touch of a button, boom! you can carry your favorite content where ever you go, and watch over and over in loop.


All you gotta do is press that option icon (the one that has 3 dots, vertical) the choose your viewing option, either “watch it offline” or mark it as “watch later”, Voila! that easy hahahha.
I hope this live blogging has a future for me especially, all this what I’m saying are actually things I want to share to seatmate and to those who would ask me the same thing again, hahaha

am I making any sense or maybe this is just the beauty of getting stuck in the middle of a traffic with the very dramatic rain urghhh.

comment down below if you feel like I’ve I wasted your time hahaha!