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Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Flat Iron Chelsea Frank And Dean Cover

You just cant help craving for a good dining experience once a rainy week comes in! Last week, Visa and some of my blogger friends had a little Food Crawl, yet I would like to think of it as “Food Hunt” in search of BGC’s Hidden Gems! We went out on a tour along with Visa, showcasing how you can enjoy scrumptious meals in good deals exclusive only to Visa Card Holders

The Food Crawl was consist of 5 restaurants under 1771 Group of Restaurants within Bonifacio Global City.  And here’s a curated list of dishes that are not really popular, but that doesn’t means it’s not good. 

Hidden Gems

In the kit, it(the Dishes) were labeled as “Black Sheep” due to low selling performance. Basing on Filipino purchasing habit, most Pinoys prefer the “Best Seller” and restrict them selves on exploring the menus.

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Flat Iron Lay

Basically I just took photos of the dished being served and tried to be “The Customer” and live in the moment. Going back, I re-branded the Black Sheep category into HIDDEN GEMS since they are really good dishes laying there, waiting to be discovered.

As a blogger, I felt obliged to share my opinion about the black sheep and I wish they’ll be soon labeled as “Hidden Gems” as Im sure they deserved to be labeled as. And here are the Dishes that are #DBaconCertified .


I’ve been to Chelsea for a number of time already and I really love all their Pizza, Pasta and the ultimate dessert for me! Smores!!! hahaha tho sad part is, I never knew I’ll include another in my list since, yeah, we were trying for the best sellers the other time and lost the opportunity for this baby.

Garlic Spicy Squid Ink & Chorizo Pasta

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Chelsea Garlic Spicy Squid Ink Pasta

What really turns me on for restaurants, aside from the originality. I love it when  restaurants creatively establish a culinary experience. Not just by the flavor but the experience on the process of eating, similar to Asian cuisines (ex.Japanese) where you dip here and there etc. Actually it adds up to the culinary experience.

With Garlic Spicy Squid Ink & Chorizo as I call it “Negra”, I think I really have my own bias when it comes to Mediteranean dishes with seafood, coz they never failed my expectation. Among what was served to us, I put my trust in Negra, It’s that one dish that will surely turn your dinning experience to a “No Gadget On The Table” scenario.

I love how massive the flavors are present in this dish, accompanied with lemony sensation that would make your taste buds feel so alive, bursting with flavors one after the other.

Char Grilled Norwegian Salmon

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Chelsea Charcoal Grilled Norwegian Salmon
Not part of the Black Sheep tho but aside from the usual pizza pasta in Chelsea, Char Grilled Norwegian Salmon deserved a mention, I love how the Pesto blends well with the salmon. Perfect for the salmon after taste. When it comes to Chelsea, everything taste good maybe I just need more time to explore all! hahah *wink wink at Chelsea*

More About Chelsea:


Flat Iron was inspired on a Griddle, which is also known as FLar Iron. The Idea of “you can cook anything on it, depending on what you have on hand”. Majority of their Dishes are American Inspired and has a touch of Asian and Mediterranean finish.

Lamb Shanks

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Flat Iron Lamb Shank Mashed Potato

At first I was in doubt why this kind of dish was labeled under the black sheep category huhuhuh! I wish the culture of “What’s your best dish” should end! This Shanks deserves a spot light so Im giving it one!

for the price of 710Php, which is good for 4 persons, oh my! this is too much! Slow Cooked, perfectly soft meat where every bite has this wonderful lamb experience and a zest of Rosemary booomm!!! I just went foodgasm! I felt like I was in those Culinary Anime Series.

Mushroom Burger

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Flat Iron Mushroom Burger Vegetarian Comfort

For those who wants to indulge with their burger cravings yet needs to melow down in their intake, I suggest Flat Iron’s Mushroom Burger. I never tasted a Vegetarian Burger as flavorful as this one. I love how it taste like a legit burger yet basing on the texture, you’ll know it’s mushrrom hahaha. fantastic! Bravisimo!

More about Flat Iron:


Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Frank And Dean All Meat Chicken Coffee Pizza Pesto

I frequently pass by Frank and Dean on weekends yet the overflowing crowed just push us away so I was definitely excited when we (Epic Dining) had the whole place all for us hahahha! and Seriously, the following night, I went back to try one of their pizza hahaha! Spinach Artichoke Pizza is HEAVEN!!!

Spinach Artichoke Pizza

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Frank and Dean Artichoke Spinach pizza

Giving my self a little break from meat and dive into a rich cheesy and oh so filling hand toss pizza crust, seasoned with spinach and you’ll love it along with the artichoke texture. Frank and Dean serves big slices of pizza since it was meant to be folded like pizza. It was a delight since I usually eat that way and it’s the perfect comfort food or chill night pica pica I would get my self 😀

Generously Good Caffeine  Fix

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Frank And Dean 14hrs Coffee

After a series of never ending good food, I decided to take my break hahah, but that was fast. I just took a Long Coffee, a house hold espresso from Frank and Dean, it was so good and I was back in the game! hahaha unfortunately I cant have it to go so the manager gave me this instead! a 14hr Brewed Coffee! the logo says for 2, but I think this can serve 4! hahaha I rarely appreciate coffee like this so this definitely deserves a mention! thank you Frank and Dean! you did a good job!

More about Frank and Dean:

Complete Perks Listing

Visa Epic Food Crawl Bloggers Duane Bacon Food Flat Iron Promo Digital Lifestyle

I hope you’ll try my picks on this food crawl, and sorry I only had 3 restaurants to try since we got delayed due to the heavy rain and still appointments has me huhuh #AdultLife

Aside from my excuse Im sure you’d want to try some! so here I got you something!

Check this friendly list of Partner Establishments along with it’s Location and discounts and offers Flaunt all your way, go cashless and enjoy perks exclusively for Visa Card Holders.