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Digital Lifestyle | It’s Never Too Late to Peek A Woo

Date Valentines Single Love

We cant deny that we had finally reached the Love Month! the month where Singles rave for a special someone or rather celebrate Halloween of the 14th! but it’s never too late! here’s a dating application that Globe Telecom introduces and with the support from Kick Start, it’s called PEEK-A-WOO where basically WOO means “To Gain the Love or To Please Someone” and the app is just as simple as it was branded.

Date Valentines Single Love IOS Apple App Application

Currently the app is only available for the Apple IOS, but! don’t fret! everyone has the chance to pick their woo, how? well to begin with, the app has actually started from a dating web site and since everyone spends more time on mobile apps, they created one that suits for the modern yet conservative “woo-ers” and it’s amazingly impressive since you can give gifts(as in real life gifts) using this app, it may be a flower, a cup of coffee, movie passes and the likes.
Date Valentines Single Love IOS Apple App Application


Now actually my concern is for all my fellow singles out there, my solution is simple! if you are using an Apple iOS, just check your app store and viola you are in! next for all android and windows subscribers just check their website at
Peek A Woo Event Duane Bacon
Peek a woo Team Duane Bacon


It was impressive as the whole team of Peek-a-Woo prepared a media launch located at the back of Kick Start Compound, the chic flick vibe was commendable and the way  they pitched their app as actually motivating for me. I can barely relate to the app since I’ve been dating and dating all this time and it’s annoying that most people think that dating is somewhere you get hooked up haha!

Like their tag line states, “Helps You Find Meaningful Connection” everything was pretty impressive, the team was totally hands on not just with the app, but also, during their offline activities on events including personal issues raised by their subscriber.


The newly launched iOS app filters suggestions based on the users basic information and preferences instead of location. To match and chat with someone , users has to answer 3 out of 5 questions correctly.
PeekkAWoo also organizes events like speed dates, mixers and movie Screening to further connect with it’s users. Aside from bringing together matches, PeekAWoo is set to create a growing community of users who share similar interest.

Date Valentines Single Love IOS Apple App Application
During the media launch, I would love to quote some from Val Balace (founder and CEO of PeekAWoo).
“We know our costumers because we are them, there is a sense of emotional responsibility to it thus, we focus on women’s need in an online dating platform”
Date Valentines Single Love
“We are an all girl team with the skills, perspective, and values to push forward with this. Peek A Woo also really reflects on each girl that is part of the team. Those aren’t easily replicated “
Peek a Woo Duane Bacon
 Thanks for reading, check KickStart and Peek A Woo’s site for more details 😀