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Digital Lifestyle | let do the Manito Manita Duties

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People flooding my Inbox asking “What To Give?” “Where to Buy?” well  “” is one of my recommendations, StraightForward goes for the Basic Wear yet they invest into boosting BASIC WEAR by adding up Unique Cuts and Unusual Textile Selection, just right for the modern men, “Simple yet Complicated”.

For this Impromptu article, I’ll Share How To Choose Your last Minute Gift and a Little Style Guide in every Item.

After from my short description with the brand, now let’s got to the Manito Gift Selection or CONSIDERATIONS, and I have 3.


Assuming there are only Two Type of Guys for you to give  gifts, so here is the 1st Type,


I suggest you got for the WAFFLE TEE, even if your friend is kinda a Gym Buff and or just starting to hit the Gym, this is a perfect choice since the Cuffs Highlights the Arm, boostin their confidence since it gives emphasis to the physique they are working on. Making them Feel that you are aware of their concerns.


Available in Red, Blue, Green, White and Black. Im wearing the White One below, for a skinny guys like me, you can do extra fold for the cuff to give less space for comparison hahah. Also I suggest you wear the usual Blue Denim Jeans or Plain Black and any shoe color that compliments the color of your Tee. they call it POWER DRESSING 😀 Simple yet gives a really good impression 😀 

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*Body Build #2: Skinny Guys this is for Us hahah*

When I Say Budget Friendly, I consider Price vs Quality, below suggest about the pricing, YES! but look at the product shot, it shows that the Textile or the Fabric that is being used for this Apparel looks different on both sides, I’ve modeled it under the sun and what I like about it is that the Fabric “Breathes” hahaha I love Textile Technologies that adjust to the weather, especially in the Philippines we always have those days with crazy weather conditions and this is just right especially for those spending the Holidays Locked up inside the Offices for Heroic Deeds hahah whatever you call it.

Stay fashion forward even during the rainy days. 105 takers left! #FinestEssentials

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Average Build Guys can wear anything, but for skinny guys, wearing L-Sleeves aren’t enough, hiding is not the key here, but creating an ILLUSION, in other words, a diversion for others not to notice our silhouette, for gift givers, I suggest this for skinny guys, but dont go for BLACK, since the textile is really flowy, it gives away the silhouette we are trying to divert.

With StraightForward, they’ve raised the bar by not just providing Basic Wear, but also the materials they use, also creates an impact, for example the texture present in the PullOvers Im wearing is enough for a statement.

I really prefer Basic Wear since it gives me more freedom to add up more layers and accessories, creating a certain look particularly mine 😀

Straight Forward Duane Bacon Blogger Blog Style Fashion Philipines Online Store Digital Christmas Zuki Evelio Barion

I hope my impromptu blog did enlighten you with your Manito/Manita Duties hahah now for the Last Consideration:


In this Season, everyone’s stuck with their Day Jobs since it’s the Last Quarter, gives us less time to go for the long lines, so I suggest you go get your Phone or any Mobile devices and go visit and make your way for an online transaction or check their Instagram Page for more updates on with their promos 😀

Thank you for reading, I hope this help you make up you mind 😀

Photos by: Evelio Barion and Pierre Guevarra