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Digital lifestyle | Let The Lyrics Speak For The Pain #August2ParinKita

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Where do broken hearts go? — I believe that “Moving On” is a lie, like what Tita Shawie said:

“Enteng, once you love a person, you never stop loving him, siguro a little less or a bit differently but you never stop loving him.”
—Sharon Cuneta in Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (2003)

In my case, those emotions might be tightly sealed within layers of layers of bubble wraps, boxed inside you playlist. That playlist you love to listen over and over coz the memories it brings back creates a ripple of sensation you your self has no idea about it, but you feel triumphant listening to it, feels like celebrating your success in finding strength to stand up again.

In this playlist, it’s where I dump all the music that draws me into an emotional state I can use to max my performance hahah, such instance like Painting, Cleaning the house and whenever I want to be creative. But at some point, it’s merely a ticket that takes me in a space where I deal with my self.

Cure For The Broken

When people ask me, “How To Heal A Broken Heart”, the answer is simple, “Go Rebuild It Again!” but the question is “HOW?”

Have you ever seen when we repair our cement walls? or how the carpenters polish the building walls? They break it further until there’s enough space to put up fresh cement. For me, whenever you are broken, I suggest to break it into ashes by feeling the pain through the song lyrics, trust me! and one day! you’ll get over it all with a fresh start 😀

What’s inside the playlist?

Denial (Hopia)

That State where you Reject the reality it’s because you still hope for the best, you still hope for that 1% luck that the universe will conspire and make it all happen.

Anger (Asado)

Expectations lead to frustration and anger that produces false reality and encapsulated someone, denying it’s self of freedom to enjoy life. Here’s where you break your self some more.

Acceptance (Binobola-bola Ang Sarili)

Anger causes you to self destruct, and shredded your heart into tiny pieces. At this point, here comes acceptance, the state when you successfully Bargained enough, settled to follow that faint light inside your heart to lead you out of the Darkness.

When you’re in the state where you Hope (Hopia) Expect (Asado) being Fooled (Binobola-bola) try to check my playlist for #August2ParinKita playlist for Spotify, oh yes! my 1st task as a Spotify Influencer 😀 pls show your support by following my playlist and dont hesitate if you feel like adding a new song 😀 just make sure it falls any of the categories “Hopia Asado Binobola-bola”

Or click here —> Hopiang Asadong Binobola-bola to prompt spotify for the playlist 😀