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For Self Development, no men is an island. All you need is your accountability group to do this. But worry not! Nivea Men is here for your first aid. You can start your baby steps in looking good with Nivea Men‘s latest campaign “Discover the Science of Looking Good”, let me guide as you continue reading.


Everything is governed by Science, one step at a time, hahaha I wont lead you any Laboratory exercise but before we proceed to the main topic, I want to pitch in important foundations. 1st on how to look good:


Be Your Kind of Pogi

(Identify the Problem)

No one can love you more that you should love your self, and in loving, “ACCEPTANCE” will offer more rooms for growth. When I was in 4th Grade, my biggest crush told me “Ayoko sayo kasi Pangit ka(I dont like you coz you’re ugly) and I drowned into that false reality(you know kids), until one day, someone came and made me fall in love with my flaws, I hate that Im skinny, I hate that I have Thick Curly Hair etc. To begin, you should start appreciating your self, click the photo below 😀 this might help to jump start 😀


I realized, one day, that God created us special, that we are “UNIQUE”. By doing the first step, “BE YOUR KIND OF POGI” I cultivate what I have, I started gathering ideas about skinny guys with curly hair, what to wear etc. Also, by being open to other people’s perspectives. Looking good doesnt happen over night, sometimes it’s actually a reflex that requires constant reminder, being your kind of pogi requires a reference, some how, and this is the part for your to: Choose your peg.

Choose Your Peg

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Like in every Laboratory or Case Study, “Related Articles” are important! but here, let articles be = to your reference POGI. Im sure you have your Celebrity Look a Like —(Pls be realistic in this part, okay? dont ask your mom, ask your most evil-est cruel-est whatever friend for cross check reference)— once you gather your data, cross check it with your Idol. Well, you may not really look like your idol but, a decent Hair Cut can help you start 😀


Once you appreciate your hair type, it’s easier to manipulate it and try new hair styles one after the other until you find what fit you on a particular moment 😀

Note: Peg means reference 😀

Who Are You?

(Self Recommendations)

After you look for something to related with, try to mold important points, for example, the first time I saw Eddie Redmayne on his Burberry campaign, I knew, that maximizing that kind of hair style can achieve both Dapper and Casual Hair Style by using the right Styling Products, so I tried.

But achieving a certain look becomes shaky when you are next to that someone you admire or someone that intimidates you, so this next step is just right to finish this foundation:

Now, this is the final part of “IT STARTS WITH YOU” stage, after gathering your data, work on a cross check, you need to remember that these are just your Pegs, in every project, pegs are just pegs and outputs has to be on a different level compared to the pegs.

This is the Part that you stand firm with your self, we call this BRANDING. you need to mold all the data and make it yours, by not just owning it, not copy paste, but by reconstructing it and creating a new you. However, you cant do that without establishing your Self Confidence, so for the curious cat, check the article on how to be more confident with your self by clicking the photo below 😀


Once you start feeling good, everything comes easy. But Since we are logical beings, we need more data to hold on to that confidence, so finally! to the 2nd and last step 😀

2nd Step: Subscribe to Nivea Men!

The Science of Looking Good always has to Start With You,  that’s what Nivea Men believes, and knowing that grooming is an essential key to unlocking ones full potential, Nivea Men Created a series of webisodes that will feature Useful, Witty and Engaging tips on how a modern man can look good in the aspect of Career, Sports, in Relationships and every little thing you do.

Science of Looking Good Ep1

Nivea Men already launched it’s 1st Research-Backed Webisodes to keep you Well Informed and Motivated in your way to unlock that potential Pogi in you 😀 Hahaha! It’s time to discover why things are the way they are! discover The Science of Looking Good by watching the 1st episode 😀


Assuming you watched the 1st Webisode,  I hope Gino along with the Nivea Men Facts has triggered that eagerness to step up in your game!  aside from those photo links I presented above, arm your self for more Looking-Good-Nology by subscribing to their Social Media Channels 😀


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As every case study has to end, now let’s put this hands-on activity too your care 😀  let me know your opinion by writing a comment below and let’s exchange ideas 😀 I hope you had fun learning, Thank you for reading 😀 till the next Looking Good Update! Duane Bacon, Signing off 😀


Cover Photo by Vin Aranas