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Digital Lifestyle |Neglected Important Game FAQs on Pokemon Go

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It’s been a week now since Pokemon Go went fully functional, I cant help but blog about the things people over looked in the game, especially those who are not familiar with the Gameboy version, let’s call them PWI “Pokemon World Immigrants“. Majority tend to underestimate the game: Pokemon, but actually, beyond the cute character design, Pokemon is a HUGE STRATEGY GAME ever since it started, so, let me point out small things that will level your gaming situation.

Mindset for Level 1-20

Just like in the Gameboy, when you are in a low level stage, the probability of finding a pokemon with good IV stats, are low. In the game, the pacing was modulated to fit in the payer’s level, contrasting in Pokemon Go, the players have the privilege to instantly own a particular pokemon based on the map.

As a starter, invest on leveling until you reach level 20 and so on. Then in that level, you’ll find the right pokemon, there you can allocate all your stardust.

How To Get Higher CP Pokemon

Once you reach Level 18 onwards, you’ll start to encounter pokemon with Higher CP Value. Yes, The bigger the CP Values, SOMETIMES it’s better, basically CP or Combat Powers is equals to the Average stats for a particular pokemon.

But the Main issue is, a good pokemon requires some boosts or “Level Up”, and the only way for your pokemon to level up in this game is to use STAR DUST(which I’ll explain further below). sometimes “wild pokemon” with Higher CP values are at their limit. Meaning, there can be a Venusaur with a Max CP Value of 1000, hence there can be another Venusaur who actually reaches 2,500CP Value.

CP is just a NUMBER

Majority thinks CP or Combat Power is the key to success, well Im so sorry to disappoint you, that the Pokemon World is governed by DESIDERATA where “There is always greater than you”.


This is a longer story and this is sunshine in pokemon gaming, yes, the aspect of “TYPING” (Fire burns Grass, Grass dominates Water and  Water Extinguishes Fire and so on) . So having a huge amount of CP yet you are competing with the type you are weak, then, chances puts you in the loosing end.

Sharing you one of my favorites, yes, Im sorry but Im a big fan of Fairy Type pokemon, Dragon types are  weak against these cuties and they really play a good support buddies during tag teams in the 3DS game play.

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Oddish

Some pokemon may look weak, but facing up to the right opponents will always earn you leverage.


Aside from IV, Skills are also details that players need to look out for! Since Pokemon Go only allows 2 skills, make sure those skills would earn you leverage not just to a particular type, but make sure you can fight other typings.

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Moon Blast Fairy Type Move

Just like my Oddish, it has a Poison and a Fairy Type move  making it able to fight pokemon weak against Poison and Fairy Types.

You know what really matters? IV! or Individual Value.

IV > CP!

IV or Individual Value, this is the real king! a simple Magikarp with a cp of 15 can be the most destructive one when it becomes a Gyarados. You are not called a “POKEMON TRAINER” if you only Hatch or Catch Pokemon, you gotta bring out the best in them! check how to grind the IV using Pokeassitant Tool below 😀

Grinding Some IV

If you want to be the very best, you need to know your pokemon, more like looking at it’s nutritional value yet since they’re digital, let do the math for you! follow the steps on the site and in a flash, you’ll have your data 😀 hahah Im so sorry, the inner marketer in me just cant decide without numbers so pls bare with me hahahha!

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Pokeassistant

The Statistics says it is 100% perfected, meaning the tool has Oddish Files correlated and fit for projection, enables you to see estimated stats as your pokemon progress one level to another.

TIP: once the probability is Maxed to 70% below, it’s better to let go of that pokemon and look for a suitable one worthy of your limited STAR DUST.

using the Pokeassitant, you can see projections on vartious level, example, this is how my Oddish progress when she reaches Lvl21. the Level 40 on the following photo.

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Mid Level

At Maxed Level 40:

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Max Level

So, the projection estimates my Oddish to have a CP value of 2479 when fully trained, as a Marketer, we expect for the worst and hope for the best, that’s why I’m orienting my self to only CP2479.


You may get annoyed on the number of Pidgey, Ratata, Weedle and the likes that keeps on popping here and there. But I have to tell you, got to love Pidgey and the gang! They are the ones you supplies you with the 2 things you cant BUY in the game! 1) Star Dust and 2) Pokemon Candy that can help you level up without a sweat. These items help you reach your pokemon’s full potential.

Ideal Spot and Style for Quick Level Up Grade

Dont let those Lucky Eggs go to waste! maximize it’s wonderful 30minutes.

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Psyduck

After activating those Lucky Eggs:

  1. Save at least 15 pokemons to mass evolve, Pokemons like Pidgey or other pokemons that evolves after 12 Pokemon Candy makes a good candidate.
  2. Look for a spot where you stay in the center of 2 or more pokestops that has active lures.
  3. Once you are in the center, evolve one pokemon after the other, once your phone vibrates or notify you about a new pokemon appearance, stop the chain evolutions and try to check if it’s another pidgey you can add up to your mass evolution, or if it’s a rare pokemon, capture it 😀
  4. Also, I suggest those pokemon evolution whos not yet in your pokedex list are best evolved when the lucky egg is active, imagine the 500xp bonus for a new pokemon plus  500xp for evolving it = 1000xp x 2 due to the Lucky Egg and poof! instant 2k just evolving a new one, I did 3 of my eevee-lution under the lucky egg hummm!!!

By doing all 3 steps, most probably it wil cause you 30mins to finish all the mass evolution ritual.

Good think I bumbed into Eggplant and Pax and had this convo about pokemon go tho we are representing different brands for this moment marketing campaign , but, funny how Pokemon can really be a good bonding activity for friends. You’ll be surprised that your friends has their own pokemon inkling hahahha!

Pokemon Go Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Gamer Otaku Moon Blast Fairy Type Move Sarah Pax Aisa Ipac Blogger

I hope I’ve cleared out things and side from the PokeAssistant that maybe really confusing,  bottom line, JUST LIVE THE MOMENT 😀 Pokemon is more about bonds and friendship so let’s keep that goal in tact. but lastly!


Have fun while being aware of your surroundings – Holding your phone in public can possibly attract thieves who may steal your phone. You might be also too distracted around you when you are enjoying too much of the game so be alert by keeping on the lookout from time to time! and dont play while driving! maybe during traffic light stop.


Since you finished reading this blog, try to watch this clip I found. Yes! Pokemon Go started as an April Fools Prank but after 2yrs, we didnt know it was actually a leak 😀