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Digital Lifestyle | PRODUCT REVIEW: ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser

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My 1st career influenced my preference in choosing a Gadget, my Mentor saying: “Your Mobile Devices are the Extension of your Personality”. ASUS Philippines is aware of my petronage for Windows Phones, I could not say “Yes” during the 1st time they asked me to try an Android Device, Until I tried it during the #OneDayOfZen . I use Android Phones when my clients provides one, but non of them took my interest to switch, except, ZenFone 2: Laser.

Aside from my previous post “One Day of Zen”, the experience continues may it be as a Blogger or as a Yuppie being Productive in the Real World, Below are the points on what aspects I like about ZenFone 2: Laser and the Series itself.

In this Article, I’ll share my preference below and you can check the Specs on my other blog by clicking here.


 1. ZenFone Series are Defined for User Types

When it comes to Gadgets, I always put in mind that, I’ll own one since I believe it’s a tool that will help me on a daily basis, which points to “FUNCTIONALITY”, when it comes to functionality, it has to justify it’s specs. Reading through the ASUS catalog, the recent Series is formulated for a particular user, maximizing each potentials, from Gaming, Photography and Balanced Performance. As I’ve mentioned earlier “Devices are Extension of the User’s Personality“, in my case, I got the device for Balanced Performance, decent in Memory Space, RAM and Camera, that exactly represents me, and I like how it’s put up like that to maximize the functionality expected from a certain Smart Phone Model, which will lead me to my next point:



ZenFone 2: Laser suits how I work on things, I like swinging from one app to another when I work or when I drive (One Note, Office, Calculator, Browser, Waze et al), I remember during my training in IBM, saying, When the Activities within your devices cant complement with each other (Software x Hardware relationship) it will result to CRASHING or Shortens the Battery Lifespan with my experience, usually, I charge my phone twice, but with ZenFone 2: Laser, and with all my voice commands with “Okay Google” One charging is enough for me 😀 . Speaking of which, this hits 2 of Asus’ 4 Reasons on Choosing a Smart Phone

Most Devices offers ginormous RAM which causes to Stress the Battery, since the Battery cant cope up to it’s speed or activities, it’s like going on a shopping spree yet you purchase something out of your Credit Balance, limiting your Shopping Experience to only one store or just a particular apparel. Effects would either be; a) Batteries Heat Up(or worst: EXPLODE); b) Mobile Devices enters survival mode, causes it to CRASH or SHUT OFF just t get rid of this Applications that Drains her.

okay did I just sounded so Geek? haha moving on to my next Preference, Im sure everybody can relate:



Everyone deserves a piece of every moment we step into each day, this is what really surprised me with ZenFone 2: Laser, it has 5MegaPixel Front, and 8MegaPixel Rear Camera, and  it’s amazing on how I can take Instagram Worthy Photos, from here, I’ll let the Photos Speaks for the brand it self 😀

*Look at the photo below, Upper Right Side, Im impressive for an 8mp Camera to Include the Moon*

no muero, porque no he vivido. #ZenFone #SeeWhatOthersCantSee #OneDayofZen #Intramuros #Philippines #Travel #Manila

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Great Photos for the price of? How Much? my last point:


4. Price Over Quality

Aside from what I’ve been talking above, can you Imagine, all this Camera Quality, Memory Space, RAM and the Hardware package, you can also expand the memory to 128GB aside from the Generous 16GB Internal Memory, and it is a 4G Capable Device. For someone as Nomadic as I am, this is a total package that includes a POCKET WIF 😀 all in for a price range of 7,200 to 7,800Php

Of all the Android Device I’ve experienced, this is the best! Both Price and Quality is all worth it! that’s a statement coming from a Windows Phone user 😀 Im giving it 4/5 rating 😀

you can check the Specs here or Check Asus Ph on Facebook and on Instagram for more updates on New Release and Promos

  • ASUS has been providing the world its high-end yet affordable phones, and everyone is loving it. I have a lot of friends who own an ASUS smartphone, and all shared that the phones work like other high-end and premium phones out there.

    Great review, D. 🙂

    • hahha! Yes! Im lovin it even if Im used to Windows Phone, this one doesnt feel like an android phone worth 7000Php. it’s worth it 😀