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Digital Lifestyle | Super Holidays with HOOQ

HOOQ Super Holidays Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Globe Telecom Apple Android Mobile Archer Green DC Commic Hero

I’ve completely enjoyed the Holidays with HOOQ, be it in the middle of a struggling Airport Drama or a complete Affair with my Bed lazing all day. Hooq is a regional video on demand subscription service by Signgtel, Sony and Warner Bros which enables subscribers to lavishly enjoy my Favorite DC Hero Series like The Flash, Arrow and Super Girl, On-The-Go, without using pirated content, everything legal 😀



In the Philippines, Family always comes first, and thanks to Hooq that I’ve managed to grace my way to the airport going to my home town. The Season causes the transportation by Land or by Air to be associated with inconvenience, and since everyone is doing this to get reunited with their family, the best way to go is just shut up, keep calm and Watch your favorite series on Hooq.

While waiting for my expectedly delayed flight, My choice will always be my favorite DC Hero Series, yes, it’ may involve a little bit of violence but seeing the super hero behind the mask also unveils how deep their Family Values goes on. So here are my brief Review on the said Series. Check my Trio just in case you can relate to them.



HOOQ Super Holidays Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Globe Telecom Apple Android Mobile Archer Green DC Commic Hero

Oilver Queen, the Mad Billionaire who experienced a life changing situation after a Ship Wreck, now he is back in Startling City as a Vigilante, decided to give up his self centered-ness and live his daily life in favor of the people he value most.



Aside from the explosive blow after blow Fight Scenes, behind the mask, the Queen Family also has their own Dark Past, Particularly, Parenting, in this series, The situation made Oliver relate-able in the sense that, it happens to everyone, his family always struggles to be normal amidst the harsh reality just like every Filipino Family does.

The Lance- Father -Daughter also is an important ingredient to the show, I just cant help my self sobbing in every dialogue.

Compared to Laurel Lance and Quentin Lance, Barry Allen and his Father, Henry Alen was framed up and sent to prison.



HOOQ Super Holidays Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Globe Telecom Apple Android Mobile The Flash Barry Allen STAR LABS Ectomorph

Barry Allen, who one day happen to be the impossible that made him the fastest man alive. Full time Forensic Scientist in Central City and excitingly an on call Super Hero “The Flash” in the making. from time to time, he and Oliver Queen aka Green Archer has Crossover episodes and displays a nicely played tag team with their shared Villains.



In the series, he evolved into the “Impossible” yet behind the mask, a hero cant have it all, just like a typical guy, he also struggles in managing his Love Life <insert spoilers here>yet aside from all this, he works his very best to give justice to both his parents at the same time a responsible foster son to Joe and his Special Best Friend Irish West 😀

I love how the series value different “geeky-ness” of a person. as a geek my self, I feel so motivated to represent my own kind of geek. and also to Barry, I like how he respects relationships, at least he is not so American at all hahah. #SaTamangPanahon

aside from being a Geek, the last but not the least, also struggles about her uniqueness,



HOOQ Super Holidays Digital Lifestyle Duane Bacon Globe Telecom Apple Android Mobile Super Girl Krypton

Super Girl, Kara Zor El or Kara Danvers on Earth, a Super Human trying to fit in this Normal World, in a daily basis, she is a devout Personal Assistant of CatCo CEO Cat Grant her self. on the sides, it’s not just fetching a cup of coffee thing but she also manages both Civil and extra terrestrial crime.



Im still at my 8th Episode but since Episode1, The Super Girl Series surely melt my heart as to how they show that being a FAMILY is not just by blood but also by BOND, Kara and Alex, has this super family bond thing going on but they also have this super kind of side job, yes! they both help protect the world from Alien Invasion 😀 how cool was that?

In addition, I also love that fact that SuperGirl series tries to empower women to be confident on who they are, and I love how Cat Grants act like a really Mean Boss but actually she’s really a cool boss 😀 I love the way she mentors Kara in a general perspective and she’s really professional at it 😀 I cant wait to see more of this series.

Lastly, what I really love with this Trio is that, THEY PATRONIZE GEEKS AND NERDS 😀 hahahha it’s like “Every Super Hero Needs a Geek” 😀



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