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September 16, 2015- Marked the 5th year of Globe Telecom‘s TATT AWARDS, the country’s premier award-giving body that recognizes Social Media Movers and Shakers in the Philippines. The Tatt Awards, honor greatness in connectivity this year, celebrating individuals, groups, and communities who have made an impact in the online space with their brand of content.



The public is invited to nominate positive acts, ideas, talents, projects, or movements that achieved greatness by choosing to connect. Unlike previous Tatt Awards, this year’s nominations are not divided into specific categories. Any person or group may be nominated so long as the nominee has been able to create an impact through quality content that made a mark to the greater majority. The nominee must have also used social media to connect with the rest of the world, thus amplifying and sharing the work done.


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As soon as you logged in with your FaceBook or Twitter Account, Fill Up the form regarding to the person you nominate, that you know that has created an impact with their passions in life.


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Then viola! you just inspired that person who inspired more persons that includes you 😀


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“This 2015, the Tatt Awards not only celebrates those who have been great online, but the connectivity that made their greatness possible. The Tatt Awards is part of Globe Telecom’s commitment to enabling the Filipino digital lifestyle, as it institutionalizes greatness, creativity, and innovation in the digital space. Before any content can make its mark, it must be liked, reposted, shared, followed, and passed on. It is through these connections that good things can become great. It becomes greatness amplified and greatness shared, and this is what this year’s Tatt Awards is all about,” said Ray Guinoo, Director for Tattoo Mobile Broadband.



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The nominations will be screened by the Tatt Council composed of key personalities from various fields, all of which have been chosen for their own brand of greatness. The members of the Tatt Council include environmental advocate Anna Oposa, social entrepreneur Bam Aquino, BasketballTV presenter Jinno Rufino, filmmaker Quark Henares, musician Jim Paredes, TV host and author Bianca Gonzalez-Intal, TV personality Daphne Osena-Paez, Emmy award-winning TV producer Mike Carandang, and techno-preneur and Xurpas CEO and founder Nix Nolledo — all of whom will face the daunting task of choosing the 2015 Tatt Awards winners from the public nominations.


The ten awardees, or who will be known as The Great Ten, will be revealed and awarded at the Tatt Awards Night on November 11, 2015. Previous winners of the Tatt Awards include phenomenal star Vice Ganda, fashion blogger Tricia Gosingtian, social media sensation Kimpoy Feliciano, celebrity chef Erwan Heussaff, and technology blogger Abe Olandres for


Public nominations will run from September 16 to October 15, 2015. Nominations can be submitted via