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Digital Lifestyle | Valentine’s Day Everyday

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I was browsing for something new online, until I bumped into hahaha! this is really charming! Why not make everyday a valentine’s day??? Spotify launches “Love Notes”, a tool that lets anyone compile the perfect playlist for anyone you love, complete with a hidden message! *Oh my! this is really exciting*


All music lovers have to do is visit to get started, just key in your preference and Spotify will generate an Acrostic Playlist (Acrostic wuut???), in which the first letters of each tracks spells a message for your amore. The corresponding playlist can feature up to 54 songs, so make sure he or she can be so keep enough to notice it.

If  you are feeling lazy about this, check the latest specially curated playlist from  Spotify, called: #KiligPaMore playlist, featuring “Bahala Na” by today’s most popular Pinoy loveteam, Nadine Lustre and James Reid, and Christian Bautista’s “Since I Found You”:

#KiligPaMore Playlist

1. “Out Of My League” – Stephen Speaks

2. “Falling In Love” – Six Part Invention

3. “Bahala Na” – Nadine Lustre, James Reid

4. “Always” – Atlantic Starr

5. “At The Beginning – Anastasia” – The Oscar Hollywood Films

6. “The Simple Things” – Michael Carreon

7. “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri

8. “Since I Found You” – Christian Bautista

9. “True” – Spandau Ballet

10. “Fallin’ For You” – Colbie Caillat

Be in you Car or at the Office, you just cant stop taking with you the music that builds your mood or that Romantic Atmosphere, let spotify Kilig Pa More Playlist do the trick 😀

Thank you for reading 😀