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Dying To Have That New Year’s Resolution

Uratex Duane Bacon Lifestyle Sleep Health New years resolution Cover

I’ve been thinking of having one since last year yet I just cant decide which bad habit to let go. And letting go of something we are used to takes a matter of reprogramming. What’s keeping me to pursue this project is that, I’ve proven this so many times before that stepping out of our comfort zone is and will always be something liberating and trust me its rejuvenating. Today, something dawned on me: “Why do I have to let go of my habits where in fact introducing something really good doesn’t require eliminating something” they just die on their own until the new you has emerged.


I realized, in order to achieve a successful New Year’s Resolution: I just need to maximize allotted  hours for something that can help me reach my goal. NOT!!! hahhaha, that’s how I think before, but then I realized I just keep on failing by that approach. What we need right now is not the hours achieving the goal, but barricades that directs us in the path that we wish to achieve.

I remember a pastor in Inspire Church once said:


Uratex Duane Bacon Lifestyle Sleep Health New years resolution Rod Magaru

Those words struck me to do things step by step and not rush on the goal, but enjoy every bit of the experience that will lead me to a long term results. As they say “Haste makes waste”.


I want to gain weight and do more in Life!

There’s a whole lot of things that I want to achieve yet I never thought of learning to fix my tools first before firing towards that goal. And that tool is my body it self, and I believe it will also work on you as well. Like, how are you supposed to reach a certain goal if your body is at the mercy of rest.

How to rest properly to give way to physical recovery and it’s proven that once you master “REST” you’ll be surprise of the results, from good memory to muscle development and numerous positive effects a good rest can benefit you.


Similar to the Atomic Bomb, it implodes before it explode. (Wow, scientific) Before we become efficient in reaching our goal, we need to be efficient in ourselves as well.

Uratex Duane Bacon Lifestyle Sleep Health New years resolution better sleep

Good thing while I was organizing my files over the weekend, I saw photos of what happened during our URATEX SLEEP WORKSHOP, LOL!!! Sabi ko, This is where my life begins! lol!

I learned new things and I never knew that this is what you are paying for when you buy Uratex Mattress, it’s not just something you sleep on but it is something that helps you achieve a better sleep.

After the workshop, I realized that having a better sleep is better than sleeping for more than 12hrs. I’m amazed on how Uratex formulates their Mattresses to address sleeping issues.


If you havent tried listening to Ted Ed on Youtube, I believe this will be the best part for me to introduce one of my favorite YT Content 😀

After watching this, it just motivated me that I really should learn how to sleep better, not longer, a good 8hrs sleep is better than a bad 12hrs sleep. I hope you’d take time to watch the video below.

In sleep, there’s a lot of things that happen, it isn’t a lost time. Even God would want us to learn how to rest. When we rest we recover for the next battle ahead. Kung sa Web Browser pa, in sleep we clear our Catche Files, files that aren’t needed yet consumes space and slows down our function.

Just watch the video above 😀

Uratex Duane Bacon Lifestyle Sleep Health New years resolution Bed Demo

Uratex Duane Bacon Lifestyle Sleep Health New years resolution relax


Sometimes it’s Annoying we very much want to have that something to change our life or just to make it better. Obviously, we are half hearted in achieving our goals which makes it makes it so hard to choose to do the right thing. If we really want to achieve that genuine happiness or goals, it’s not about the goals, but the transformation that occurred as we reach that goal.

And let me include this photo, finally, naka pa picture na rin ako with Fidel which is also present in the Sleep Workshop By Uratex hahahah!