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Escape | A Paramount Hot Air Balloon Experience!

Lubao Pampangga Hot Airballoon Festival Summer Duane Bacon Lifestyle Blogger Travel Philippines Bucket List

Who would have thought I’d be using the word “Phantom Bucket List” to describe my Lubao IBF 2016 Hot Air Balloon experience? That situation where you experience something paramount and all of a sudden you knew this moment should have had been in your bucket list, you just didn’t know.

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The First Hand Experience

When I was up in the skies, Im bursting with excitement and a good kind of panic. I cant decide on “Should I live the moment? or should I do my Blogger duties and capture every bit of the action?” it’s definitely an paramount experience for me especially it’s pricey. All I know is that, I’ll be covering the whole event, not even thinking of getting close enough of a 45minutes breath taking experience.

Lubao International Hot Air balloon Festival Duane Bacon Blogger Travel Experience

Prep for?

Wear Something to Protect the rear of your neck for the heat from the Burner.

Take an extra shirt and water with you as you fly.

Make sure your  service vehicle is always on the go. Sometimes the wind is unpredictable and your Balloon might perform a landing on a private property.


The View

I think it’s not the gasoline that you are paying for this activity, I believe it’s the view you could only see via Hot Air balloon. When I travel via AirBus, I prefer to take the last flight hence when I was young I’ve tried Helicopters, Private Jets and they all have the same view, nothing special about.


In the balloon, surprisingly the feeling that you are actually “Wind Surfing” or whatever term for riding the currents there is, the momentum was just right, from the moment you start flying around 5:30am, slowly you’ll notice how the light crawls in, the shadows marching to the other direction calling it a day.


From gray to something glimmering unusually wonderful, it made my heart felt so light, I could never imagine this is how it feels to be up in the sky in a moderate pace.

Hahaha, sorry, I just cant sleep so I ended up writing, deicing to share my untold experiences, hahah now Im looking at my January – June trips, Cebu, Sagada, Baguio, Puerto Gallera, Calaguas, hummm I think all this wonderful memories deserves to be shared, not just posted on instagram in fragments but as a story, so for now on, I’m adding a new category called “Escape” where I’ll talk about places and things that takes me to have my space against adult life.

I hope this short post would make sense, I would love to see more comments below 😀

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