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Escape | Business and Leisure Trip in Jinjiang Hotel

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My ideal business trip would always require the assurance that my team would attain our main goal, one of that is being financially relevant to our boss, making the reason why we flew all the way from place of origin to our destination worthy down to the last cent.

Few weeks ago I was really cramming doing some turn over since Im done with my accounts, then suddenly a friend of mine from Hotel 101 asked me if it’s okay for me to join their staycation, ON-THE-SAME-DAY, since it’s a Friday and I think a little escape wont hurt.

Short notice but it was worth the shot! As a prospect client, I learned a lot of stuff and here are some run down:


Jinjang Hotel Travel Leisure Duane Bacon Blogger Hotel 101 Philippines Brand
The Location was intimidating actually, I thought it would be costly since both Jinjiang Hotels we’ve been were located on prime locations such as Makati and Ortigas. Not to mention Jinjiang Makati is a few Step away from Green Belt 5 and Jinjiang Ortigas is just 2 blocks away from SM Mega Mall.

My first question was, how come for a hotel like this with very generous in their services would only cost 2,000php for the smallest room and corporate discount isnt included yet.


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What I love about Jinjiang is that, they arent GREEDY when it comes to electrical outlets, I can actually use a total of 6 outlets plus 2 LAN outlets, as in LAN, like YES! LAN CABLES!!! hahaha I’ve been to some parts of asia and never saw hotels that are this generous ike JinJiang!

Also, their Wifi are available to unlimited number of devices, oh come one! how can an affordable hotel can be so generous like this! I wish this will turn a trend  to all hotels especially in the Philippines.

Shuttle Services are also available for customers that arent familiar with the locations and it’s also available, to think their shuttles feel like airbuses yet on ground ahahah.


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A business trip would always be as stressful as it is, especially it involves a number of hours in the road, a good team cant be it’s best if one of the member is suffering either emotional or physical stress. This is my favorite part! FOOD!!! unfortunately I lost all of my shots and video when we visited jinjiang since I lost my phone, but surely I dont need to over sell here since all the images are available in their website which I’ll be posting below.

When you say Chinese Food! it has to be grandeur! but if you’re not a fan of Chinese food, Jinjiang Hotels offer Filippino dishes that will surely cater to all type of preference. And if it’s still not your type, no worries, jinjiang hotels as I said earlier is in a very good location, surrounded by different establishments that makes everything easy for you.

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I hope this post help you in some ways. let me know if you  need to ask something by putting a comment below 😀