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Escape | Must Watch Siargao During Metro Manila Film Fest!

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Just finished watching Siargao by Director Paul Soriano, lead by Jericho Rosales, Erich Gonzalez and Jasmine Curtis. I was lost for words for a second, wonderfully shot and the story line; I realized that sometimes, it’s not destiny that we are up against but these Ideas and Concepts that possessed us and affects the way we move in the reality that we breathe in each and every day.

Every decision is more like dancing with the waves, once you enter that barrel (ginormous wave) it’s either you stand firm, find your balance and get through it or either you fall and let the waves push you back from where you started and fight(paddle) your way again to catch your wave. Urghhhh!!! I just love this film! I wish I can spoil you but, no, you deserve to watch it on the big screen, with your family during the Metro Manila Film Festival.


Iiieeeee~~~ Im so kilig (giddy) when I heard Reese Lansangan’s  as part of the trailer yet the actual soundtrack is actually good, there are even cebuano songs included. So millenial yet something cultural, perfectly matches the vibe of the film.


I just love how immersed this film is, everything feels so natural even the script, they included Siagaonon, and you’ll definitely know that Jericho spends most of his time here coz his accent feels so natural tho he’s not even bisaya in the first place. He acts so natural, and if you’ve been to Siargao, you’d definitely know that he really acts like a local.

Erich also did a really good part portraying a Manila Vlogger Girl with 22k Subs on Youtube! The way she delivered the role, not OA, just subtle usual kinda classy manilenia awkward vlogger, not the usual Role for Erich, but fits her.

From D5 studio’s Forever Sucks, Jasmine Curtis really showed how far she had developed her craft, you’d love her more in the end part.

I love the story, it’s not aimed for the usual pinoy quotable quotes kinda vibe, may kurot, very relateable and it’s perfect for a feel good movie experience. After watching, I am positive that you’d want to be in Siargao!!! the underwater shots just made me breathless and I cant wait to invest for a go pro and take those kind of shots under water!!!


Siargao is a really good place, good thing the film also promotes how we should keep it sustainable and avoid it from possible hordes of irresponsible tourists.


Recently, Metro Manila Film Fest (MMFF) turned out to be a struggle on artistry yet art is such a deep and massive topic to dwell and Im glad that this year they allowed a mix on both mainstream and indie production.

My heart felt at peace that there are films/producers who urges art rather than sales. I can see my self watching local films from now on hahaha.

Lol disclaimer? The casting really plays a huge part in making this story into a reality, I just really love how Erich acts, this kind of film is something you’d love to keep a copy of it. All three of them are just so magical. Bravisimo!