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Events |Christina Grimmie Ayala Mall Tour

The Voice 6 Finalist Christina Grimmie finally made it here in the Philippines to greet her fans, not to mention that PH was her 1st stop in Asia. Over the weekend, October 4-5, Christina G. gathered her Grimmie Army in all three Ayala Mall venues.

The crowed was overwhelmingly supportive and sings every lyrics of the song and probably I’ll describe it as an “Ocean” of Grimmie Army.
It was a privilege for me to represent Trend-Hotspot in her events and also to experience her to perform live.  the tour it self really shows that she is an artist worth the admiration or shall I say the “FANDOM”.
Since most of my followers don’t have the chance to meet her during her Ayala Mall Tours, I suppose it’s better if I’ll just share some of the scene during the Press Con and also at the bottom of the blog, a video clip of her performance “With Love”.

Interview with Boom Gonzales

During the interview Grimmie was comfortable with all the questions thrown at her from the local print media attendees. Interesting stuff came out like:
“What Mobile App do you use  most of the time?” Grimmie explained “I love Zelda, Mario Cart and any Nintendo 64 games” she does not own much of gaming apps but most of the time she uses “Spotify and Vines” where she’s establishing her “Grimmie Army” and sheepishly included in the list “Oh! I hope you know Fruit Ninja?” and she was laughing out loud saying it was her all time favorite mobile gaming app.
“What is your Personal Style?” she answered it straight forwardly “Something that does not look like the girly girl, not really girly ” ha ha.

”Favorite Artist?”  she said  “When I was young I really love listening to Stacy Orico” then glanced at the crowed hoping we knew who she was talking, haha! no wonder! the way she applies her eye make up tells it all.

With Love – Christina Grimmiehere’s her live performance of “With Love” during the Pres Con.