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Frequently Asked | 3 Things To Maintain Your Scalp and Curly Hair ala Duane Bacon

Razor Sports Barbers Duane Bacon Male Men Wear Blogger Buddy Congson

When I was a kid, people used to tease me how my hair looks like a WIG since it’s coarse and I cant control the curls. I always ended up with a really short boring hair and they call me Rizal for it, urghhh!!! I just hate how having this hair seems troublesome just as it’s killing my self esteem. Until one day I realized it’s just a matter of a good stylist, hair products and a routine.

Few weeks ago, I said Yes to Razor Sports in Trinoma, I thought this will be one of those barbershops that I wont blog due to low satisfactory rating.

Trust me! All you need in managing your curls are the hidden gems I found at Razor Sports Barbers in Trinoma.

Curly or Wavy Hair Guys Must Consider *Duane Bacon Certified Hahahahha!!!*

Just Go With Its Flow!

But first, you need to find a stylist that understands your curls. If you do, one day you’ll just hand comb your hair.

I already had a good stylist few years ago yet he went freelancing and our schedule isn’t healthy for us so we decided to end it LOL (LDR?).

Few years now! I finally found someone!

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1)Look For Your Unbiased Barber

I hope you dont get me wrong but seriously, majority of Hair Stylist(yes, not just barbers) are more like Robots, they tend to cut hair by the book and less on expressing their artsy side where it’s supposed to be “Personal Approach” ALL THE TIME, Why? because not everyone has the same hair quality (Volume, Curly, Straight, Dry etc) being said, every approach must be in a personalized level and never uniformed! hahaha unless they produce Wigs which is not our topic for today.

I found a really good one at Razor Sports, his name is Kuya ERWIN, and this is how my hair looks before we started.

Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Before

I know I really look good to begin with (LOL) so let’s focus with my hair haahhah!!! Look how my curls are clamped in one direction, boring and less dynamic, huhuh I just wasted my God given wonderful curls.

So, I asked kuya Erwin to work on many layers to trigger my curls. and so he did, hahaha look at the Cover Photo above.

The Cover Photo was taken a week after we had our service at Razor Sports Barber, I may not have my highlighters yet the curls are more defined compared to my “Before Look Photo”; especially in person.

2) Love Your Scalp

Most of us rely on “leave on” items and still not getting the results we expected, unfortunately, we focus too much on the output an forgot about the foundation of our hair hahahha! Dude! everything is in the scalp! aanhin mo ang shiny hair mo kung KALBO ka na??? hahaha!

In keeping your curls, you need to lessen the use of Shampoo and Conditioners you find in every grocery stores since these items tend to disrupt the composition of your hair strands and the natural oil, sad to say majority of the products in the market are for creatures with straight hair.

Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Masque Bosley

After I got my haircut, Kuya Edwin latter a series of Bosley Hair Masque on my hair to build it up some more. Usually when my hair under go any treatment, it looses it’s curls. Im giving the scalp treatment a 10/10! It’s all organic and after the session, my hair smells so good and retains it’s curls! yey! hahahahha!

Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Bosley Waiting Nike GShock

While waiting, Photo op muna with Gus Villa, one of my blogger friends, check his blog too!


Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Bosley Gus Villa

While waiting for the treatment to sink in, there are a lot of things you can do like watching movies by your request or reading magazine, they got it all in.

Going back, it’s rare to find items for us, that’s why it’s really important to read the ingredients and avoid items that has “Sulfate” it’s really harsh and makes curly hair looks more dull. Good thing Razor Sports Barber carries organic items from Bosley that caters for all hair types!

Bosley Pro a U.S. brand founded by Bosley Medical, the world’s leading organization for hair loss solutions and medical hair loss restorations.

Taking care of your scalp is the key ingredients since it will result to having healthier strands and delay in baldness.

Try Razor Sports’ Professional Services

To each is own, we all have different hair issues so maybe you can check other services such as:

  1. Moisture Therapy – for those whose hair needs a healthy moisture boost.
  2. Strengthening Treatment – for those with brittle hair.
  3. Touch Up – a service that instantly eliminates the appearance of baldness and thinning hair with fibers.

3) Maintaining / Routine

There are different rituals for curly hair guys, like for example:

  1.  I only use shampoo every other day or 2 days, especially when I do field works.
  2. I dont comb my hair when wet since it creates static. And I dont really comb my hair… since highschool hahahha!!!
  3.  When drying, it’s important you dont rub your towels heavily, just squeeze out the water and let your hair dry naturally. This is the challenge since it’s better going out of your house with your hair dry.

No worries! After doing the treatment, I had almost cut all the steps on how I prep my hair on a daily basis, good thing Bosley is available for Homecare Products you can get just in case you are as nomadic as I am. Even the Masque applied into my head can easily be performed at home.

Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Bosley Product Home Care Strength

Bosley Pro’s wide range of professional-use products allows hair professionals to address varying degrees of hair loss regardless of hair type. The flagship service under the line, the Bosley Scalp Microdermabrasion, promises to help increase hair growth by creating a healthy environment for it to grow.

Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Bosley Product Home Care

With the help of LifeXtend Complex, a patented technology that combines pentapeptides, marine plankton extract, and apple stem cell to nourish the hair and scalp. It exfoliates flaky dead skin cells, unclogs follicles, and addresses hair and scalp aging at a cellular level.

Razor Sports Duane Bacon Men Style Hair Curly Bosley After

Lol okay, enough with the very technical part, to sum it all up, it’s not enough to just rely on one thing, to maintain a curly hair has to be a balanced grooming for a healthy scalp and a good stylist, which I found in Razor Sports Barbers in Trinoma.

If you are a regular Trinoma Person, I hope I could bump into you when Im having my service there 😀


Founded in 2012, Razor Sports offers a full service of grooming services—including shaving, haircuts (from old school to trendy ones), facials and manicures—and products, like pomades, shampoos, hair balms and beard oils. But the one thing that separates this groovy man cave from other similar establishments is its Bosley Professional Strength (Bosley Pro) Hair and Scalp Care Services.

Razor Sports is located at the third floor of TriNoma Mall, near Mindanao Car Park. To know more about it, you may follow and and like You may also email or call 0917-326-2641 to make reservations.