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Frequently Asked | How I Lessen My Scars + 5k Giveaway

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People cant help but notice how my skin looks better in contrast years ago. I never knew I’d be talking about this now. Ever since, I usually preach “How Confidence Can Be A Game Changer” though, no matter how my confidence grow, there’s one thing it cant fix. —> Scars 🙁

My pimples were never the loner type, they prefer hanging out by groups of at least 3 and they were really clingy. As I’m getting use to having scars, thinking maybe my confidence would take other people’s attention away from my scars, sad reality, I cant keep it if it’s placed in the front row, more like pawns waiting to die but NO! it’s my self esteem that dies first before my scars.

I was advised way before to take medications for pimples and sorts, tho looking at the procedures on the common derm clinics, it feels so sketchy. Id rather live with my scars.

But the situation has changed.

As a blogger, everything was redefined, from the usual “all words” now bloggers are also required to look presentable not just in photos but also in person.

So What’s The Secret?

So far, I cant talk about yet about my treatment but all I can do is recomend you to the hads of Svelti 😀 There were no magic done, I just dedicated my self with Svelti, been a good boy not to bask too much under the sun, always put on sun block etc. After 2 months with  Svelti, I was really amazed by the improvements.

That’s why Im doing a giveaway (Mechanics at the bottom of the post) just to let you how effective this oasis that I have discovered.


Before and After

svelti derm derma duane bacon blogger mens wear model lifestyle beauty before after

Look at that Deep Scar at the tip of my nose. It’s there since my toddler days caused by Chicken Pox. Then It’s almost gone! PS. Above (raw)photo was taken by Vin Aranas

It’s been months now since I stopped putting on some grooming products on my face. It feels better since I dont really need long preparations in the morning just to look good, or add on extra effort just to remove them by night. Now, to describe my face, is just wash and wear hahaha no need to worry about drying layers of grooming products. Look at the comments I embedded from my facebook post.

I usually use foundations that are 2 tones darker just to make it a little bit natural looking. Now I can be just who I am without make up.


With Caution

It didn’t started with the Scar Treatment, but it was taken care step by step. We had Facial every other week, a general cleaning in preparation for the Scar Treatment. After 3 weeks, they found out what’s really the issue then started the Scar Treatment when my skin looks fairer, then pooff!!! I took the cover photo *the biggest photo above* 2 weeks after the 1st treatment and there without shaving, right away I took a photo and it wasn’t a placebo effect after all.

For me it shows how their protocol was clearly to fix you, no wonder they offer their treatments by bundle and wouldn’t want their customers to spend too much on something that will only prolong the treatment.

Same Skin Color

I like my skin color, and the way I see other derm clinic or beauty products that whitens your skin just to make you believe that you have currently a better skin is a NO NO. I dont like it when mainstream Derm Clinics do that, for me it only shows that they are using harsh procedures.


You need not to worry when you step inside Svelti. I like how the staff are on stand by and are well informed with their clients. Very well informed with your skin issues and deals with you in a highly personalized treatment.

Most treatment has this unique Facial Mask at the end of the session, I like how they mix in on the spot based on you skin’s need.

This masks Im talking about causes to “Less” to “No Down Time”. I can even attend events even after my treatments since there’s no downtime or maybe I only look a little redish after the treatment then fades in a few minutes lang! just like this one below:


When you have validations from the persons around you, it just feels so great! here’s one:


Growing up as a wall flower, validations like these are really flattering especially, like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post, I have this Crush that told me, on my face “Ayoko sayo kasi pangit ka” I took those words since Grade 4, no wonder when I had pimples in High school really didn’t bother me since Im used to be the wall flower, never with the cool kids.

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Few years ago I realized I like good(Confident na eh!) tho I thought it was too late already, since scars seems to be classified as a legal citizen on my face, but Svelti didn’t failed me. There’s still at least 2 more  treatment to come and probably this will all be worth it 😀

Give Away Mechanics

Since God blessed me with a legit sponsor for my skin issue and I confirmed it my self it wasnt all placebo effect, I want to share the goodness I found in Svelti.

Im giving away 5000php worth of services under Svelti, it’s a Slimming Procedure and a Facial  Services worth 5000php.  All I need you to do is:

  1. Follow Svelti on Instagram “@Svelti_ph”
  2. “Comment below *at the Disqus Box after this post* why you deserve to win this giveaway”
  3. Deadline of entries until Dec 10, 2016. I’ll pick One (1) Winner and announce it on or before Dec 12, 2016.
  4. This promo is exclusive only for those who can be around Mega Manila within the span of “December 3, 2016 – January 31, 2017” Failure to avail the Service by January 31, 2017 forfeit  the entitelment for this service.

Andraever Lacopia for winning!!!

Talk To Svelti

You can check their website for reservations and inquiries at www.svelti.com.ph/ or tag them on Instagram @Svelti_Ph.

  • Bryan Snow

    I always wanted my skin to be groomed and treated from the first place. I have less confidence than my friends because of my skin.What hinders me from doing skin grooming and treatment is the amount of money that it needs. I’m not earning that much yet and my parents really don’t care much about these things anymore.

    I do have a scar on my face due to chickenpox when I was 11, but it remained until now on my face and it really ruins every picture, needing to remove it by the means of photoshop.

    Being confident on yourself and your physical appearance as a blogger/vlogger/YouTuber is one of the best things that I can have but for now the fact that my skin is not looking that good gives me some frustration. People frequently say something about it and it harms me a little. This is a thing that could change my life 🙂

    PS. I need the facial treatment badly. HAHA!

  • Edcel Paul Tejare

    Hi, Duane.
    I have always wished to have my acne stop bothering me and my confidence. The scars, they may “just” be scars, but they could ruin your first dates, your dream profile photo from a wanderlust or even self-esteem the worst. I hope this would be the start of a better skin and a better way to be confident. By this blog entry alone, you have given us hope of a better looking skin from a past of scars. Please. Please. We all deserve this giveaway, but I hope I’d be the one picked as the winner! Thanks. Cheers!