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Globe Slipstream Event: A Lock Down of High Velocity Entertainment

Thinking it was just another blogger day for me, take photos, interact a little then vanish. On the contrary, it didn’t happened. The event was just perfectly implemented that I wanted to see more of it and wondering how the day will end.

It was a fun filled day as Globe professionally lock down the whole Bonifacio Global City with various booths and entertainment. See!? sitting next to the Prince of Speed Marlon Stockinger was just a part of it! From a Driving Exhibition, Celebrity Kart Race, to Live Musical Event and loads of freebies, exactly a picture perfect weekend!


Reverberating Admiration!

The day was lead by a car exhibition by Marlon Stockinger him self, even  I was so fascinated how an F1 performs on the road, for a first timer, in that moment  I wish I could drive as suave as how my eyes seems to deceive me but, yeah, all I saw last weekend were all real and I just could not believe what Im actually seeing is just a demo, not the actual speed but oh god, I was in awe.

Im sorry I was a bit selfish coz I just enjoyed half of the day spazzing over the F1 experience without taking any photos, no worries I’ll update this blog soon with a clip on that driving exhibition that echoed all over BGC.


Here is the culprit! the Lotus WSR Gravity Charouz Formula Renault 3.5.

Booths Here and There
I did not expect that all of the booths were actually set on the whole spread of BGC, so I ended up sprinting from corner to corner while keeping in touch with all the event every booth has to offer.


Each booth offers a particular globe item/services and what makes it awesome is that, Globe offers exclusive promos during the event.




The last booth I’ve visited would be memorable!  Mars Miranda!


With DJ Mars Miranda

After I savored all the booth, I need to attend the Press-con, but I didnt stayed longer since the activities out side keeps on calling out my name!


And the early bird award goes to!!! me! >_<

Music at the Amphitheater

The night was celebrated with artspirational OPM bands like, Up Dharmadown, YolandaMoon, DJ Joey Santos and Autotelic all for free! my heart was overwhelmed, my favorite OPM bands all in one venue, urgh!  unfortunately, I still have my duties to perform, but Im glad I got a glimpse of Yolanda Moon and it’s all worth it! I really like the floating sensation when you hear their music.



After a few songs from YolandaMoon, Im back to my duties.


VIP Dinner with Marlon Stockinger

This was one of the most exciting part of my day! I was about to loose hope that I wont have another chance to take a photo of Marlon, tsk3 a blog wont be completed without a photo of the main dish for this entire event 😀 I mean, yeah, Marlon it is .


Oh yeah! I just cant contain it! this fan makes feel like a kid! 90s kid! I know you’re familiar with this!



17There he goes! Marlon Stockinger looking great on stage.

15h uhuh my post is about to end, but I’ll update soon regarding to the race 😀


The Toast was one of the best part, where big bosses has the opportunity to inform the public about their current standing in the market, and what’s best of it is that, it is something we certainly able to agree anyway. Im a proud globe user and Im glad how wise their decisions are especially into innovating the internet capabilities, I know we all Filipinos love.


With the Beauty Queen Material, Cat Trivino 😀



Mau and Van, Im glad to see familiar faces around this grand event 😀

I was really hooked up in the event, I was amazed how Globe managed this event, as a Marketing Practitioner, this is the best Marketing event I’ve attended so far! I can barely feel the grandeur from the program, the treatment, food, atmosphere,  arrangement, boom! MAJOR WOW! You really deserve the top spot Globe!

For a full coverage about this event, check –> for more info and visuals

Thank you for reading 😀