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Style | How To Wear Your Beanie

Fashion Men Style Duane Bacon Beanie Holidays

It’s the season where beanies are more often included in our #OOTDs aka Outfit Of The Day haha, It may be at Baguio or just enjoying the cold weather around the Metro by night, colorful or not, Beanies can fit any fashion archetypes. So I decided to show you guys how to wear it even the basic way of putting it on probably could add up in polishing the look.

1) Pull the Beaning on your head by placing your hands side by side inside the beanie as you pull it towards you jus as shown in the photo below.

How To Wear Beanie Bench Duane Bacon

2) Pull your hands out as you set your hair was well. Since you’ve drawn your hands, try to reach the part closets to your neck, try to tuck it in similar in the photo.

How To Wear Beanie Bench Mint Duane Bacon

3) Try to set the beanie matching the shape of your head, or in other term “Look for your Angle” and viola! your done

How To Wear Beanie Bench Back Duane Bacon

Try exploring different kinds of approaches that suit your taste, now that you know the basics 😀

Fashion Men Style Duane Bacon Beanie Holidays