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Lifestyle | 3 Key Interior Design Mindset You Should Know

Moodboard Manila Cat Arambulo Duane Bacon Interior Design Home Crocodile

Woke up extra early this morning (when I was writing this post), though today’s going to be really toxic, but the moment I glanced at a particular area where I incorporated some practices during Cat Arambulo x Moodboard Manila‘s Interior Design workshop. I felt it’s best to share some of my learning.


Your own space describes you about your taste or things that fascinates you. After the session with Cat Arambulo, I realized that I need to creatively display the toys/figures that I collect into use.

Yes, interior designing according to Ms.Cat doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need to do is creatively manipulate your place with things that represents you. It may be a toy, a broken vase, something that instantly take you somewhere.

Here, I placed an Anime Figure on top of my Magazine collection just to add a little story.

Moodboard Manila Cat Arambulo Duane Bacon Interior Design Onepiece Nami

Moodboard Manila Cat Arambulo Duane Bacon Interior Design Nami Onepiece


When you do interior design, a certain place would always be as wonderful as it is when you see stories unfolding one after the other may it be in your fandom, adventures and anything that can make your visitors have this experience as if they’ve read your life by just staying in your room.


Put up items, photos and mementos that brings you to places and experiences that you’d love to go back to.

Moodboard Manila Cat Arambulo Duane Bacon Interior Design Home Calaguas

Photo frame from Moodboard Manila, Thanks guys!

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In the photo above, I placed a photo of me at Calaguas next to Sir Crocodile, both have something in common like Sea and Adventures hahaah. I really like OncePiece anime series and both adoration makes me feel giddy when I stare at this spot, a total stress reviler at the end of the day or a jump start when waking up on a bed weather.

Rooms that are more like a museum or an art gallery of your life story would always be the best place to linger especially on your rest days, flipping through the pages of your memory lane.

Quoting from Kristel, one of the speakers: At the end of the day, different styles work for different people. “It is our job, as designers, to give clients something different, unique and expressive of their very essence, their hopes, wishes, and dreams. It is our job to give them something that requires No Rules, Just Style,”


Moodboard Manila Cat Arambulo Duane Bacon Interior Design Home Tolkien

Aside from using Non Expensive products or products that are readily available in you place, the 3rd part for this article is about sewing all things in one!


1st, you need to define your personality, are you an Anime and an Adventure lover? Are you that person who prefers sharp edges, lines etc.


Sometimes shapes or line and images that graphically looks sad or serious, can change it’s value with the help of choosing the right color palette, these items an go can be a happy object in an instant.


Textures are more about pitching in different items yet they stand as one and really eye catchy. When you do textures in interior it’s just like this corner (photo below) in my room. I placed my books that talks about adventure along with Sir Crocodile and a photo of me in Calaguas. Isnt it sweet? hahaha!

Moodboard Manila Cat Arambulo Duane Bacon Interior Design Home Crocodile Tolkien

I hope all these 3 items can help you organize and showcase your self in your next Interior Design endeavor hahahha!