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Lifestyle | Azalea Baguio Part1: The Arranged Tour

Azalea Hotel Baguio Duane Bacon Travel Philippines Summer

Few weeks ago a flock of bloggers from different niches had a special tour arranged by Azalea Baguio, It was the most exciting tour I ever had especially I’ve been really restless before this trip and it just proved that a good tour can really perk you up as if you’ve got a good 8hrs sleep. I really had fun since we went to multiple locations which makes this post quite a long read, so I decided to keep it to two parts, “The Arranged Tour” and the “HomeCation“.

Out of the three vans, I was seated with the Fashion Bloggers Seph, Trice, Pax and AnaGon, while with my co-Digital and Lifestyle Blogger friend Ruth Dela Cruz (Also my Photo Accomplice  for this trip, thanks Ruthie!)

Azalea baguio Duane Bacon Travel Philippines Blogger lifestyle

This was the last stop for my nomadic life for summer, sleepless, tired but excited enough to be reunited with my blogger friends, like hello! we’re almost 20+ bloggers swarming Azalea Baguio all at the same time! photo here and there, chit chats, good food boom! thank you for this contagious energy guys,  good thing that the Azalea Baguio Trip proved that It’s the best Place to Hide if you DECLARE A LEGIT HOLIDAY over your Metro Lifestyle.

Be Intimate at YAGAM CAFE

 Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle Yagam Coffee

Yagam Cafe brews their hand picked coffee beans in a unique way, a signature brew that unleashes the bitter yet adds on a pinoy kinda sweet essence in every sip. This is the perfect location for your senti get away, your window view offers nothing but luscious pine tree and creaking cicadas that sets the mood along with your good Hand Picked Brewed Coffee.

Click Me, I’ll link you to Yagam Cafe Google Map



Aside from the caption, I would give this treat a 4 thumbs up! as someone as acidic as I am, I got fascinated that even when I was sleepless and really craving for a heavy snack right now, I never felt any acid re-flux starting to ruin my day.  Love love this!


Aside from the Caffeine intake, you should try is this SUMAN a.k.a ININCHILIAN for the locals, it costs 60php and serves in 2 pairs of suman, along with the Coco Milk and Coco Sugar concoction that can let you explore how sweet or how creamy you like it, but It’s a stand alone for me, with our without the concoction, it’s a 4 thumbs up! I love the texture and how rich that “suman-ness” it tastes. hahaha I was in foodgasm for awhile that I have to excuse my self, that’s how good it is 😀

Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle Yagam Cafe Coffee Hand Picked Pesto Sandwich

Here’s another killer! their Pesto Sandwich (120Php), when I tried some pesto, I prefer the one that screams “I AM A PESTO!!!” hahaha most pesto pasta or whatever dish, not in general, tastes so bland, and with Yagam’s, I love how flavorful it taste like, I didnt ask what’s in but it’s very rich in spices that really turned me on. The bun was good, the egg and the veggies were well done, it’s a team effort hahaha! good job Pesto Sandwich! this is one thing I’d love to be munching under the Baguio Rain along with my Hand Picked Brewed Coffee, staring blankly into the woods, on a porch, feeling senti, sigh, I love YAGAM! *bias alert*

Get Surreal at BENCAB MUSEUM


Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle BenCab Museum


Sino si Ben Cab? (Who’s BenCab) Benedicto Reyes Cabrera is a is a Filipino painter and was awarded National Artist of the Philippines for Visual Arts in 2006. and click here if you wanna know more about him.

Every time I travel, aside from Food, another way of knowing the community is by viewing the Museums around it, artists depict a scenario on a different view. Those Art works that tell stories about emotions, events, history and things you wouldn’t expect you”ll discover. In Ben Cab, I was really fascinated that the Anito were presented as surreal and very much appealing to the eyes especially for those who weren’t aware of the Anitos. For short, they are even “Instagramable” and not gore.

Click me I’ll link you to Ben Cab Museum Google Map


I was really groggy when we reached Ben Cab Museum, I havent seen the itinerary, actually, I was just sleeping at the van while on transit, then, since I love hugot films, at a glace it perked me up! OHHH MAYHH GAHHHHD!!! TADHANA!!! *my words as I opened my eyes* the sleepy groggy blogger Duane Bacon Screamed as if HE-IS-ALONE, shame on me, good thing I’m familiar the bloggers Im with hahaha, Iwas just in Baguio last Valentines,after our Sagada Trip, I was hoping we could at least peek at Ben Cab Museum but it sisnt happen and that’s why this stop at Ben Cab Museum just boost my mood 😀


At the lower level of BenCab Museum, you’ll find your self with unique traditional delicacies , like what I had here. a Turon AlaMode (80php) and Mango Shake (105php), it was perfect since it was raining and the way the heat streams from the Turon fresh from the fry, and the coldness of the IceCream creates the perfect ala mode sensation as we enjoy the climate.


For solo travelers, the best paintings for your kinky ideas will be found inside the room close to the lower level rest room hahah *wink wink*.

Feeling Cozy at Arca’s Yard Cafe


Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle Arca yard Cafe Family Bonding Summer


 One of the most Hipster Place I’ve been to, a really a rare find for me in Baguio. The place is very accommodating, the best spot if you just want to lay idle after your heavy snack, yes Heavy Snack nga! we had Squash Pie and Chocolate Tea.

Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle Arca yard Cafe Family Bonding Summer Trisha Books Read


Good Books from decades ago, like Nancy Drew to Nicolas Spark’s A Walk To Remember, this place will really score you the best idle time you would ask for if that’s the kind of escape you are up to, feeling cozy even if you storm the place by group.

Camp John Hay and Tree Top Adventure

Both locations were part of the tour, unfortunately it was raining when we reached the Tree Top Adventure and I cant afford to catch some cold so we are forced to move on to our next agenda. Im sure you’ll be fine since this is a usually tourist spot. Walking along it’s side walk will buy you some dramatic scenery just like what we have here hahaha. Embrace your “That Thing Called Tadhana” Feels!

Dial Zero “0” at DIPLOMAT HOTEL

Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle Diplomat Fright Horror

We arrived around 3pm at Diplomat Hotel, there’s one thing I realized, it’s about “Chances”  I felt bad for having this wrong impression about Diplomat Hotel, it was rumored to be spooky, yet, it’s a must visit if I were you, it caught me breathless  not because I was frightened when we step in, but I was marveled by how beautiful it is.

Click Me, I’ll take you to Diploma Hotel Google Map



I was catching up with my breath coz I cant stop wandering and hovering along it’s corners, I fell in love with it and the photographer in me took charge and yes I took most photos of Nicole Aguinaldo, Ruth and other bloggers hahahha and thanks to Myke Soon (photo Above) I have at least one out of 2 photos I got inside hahahah

Azalea Baguio Hotel Review Travel Philippines Duane Bacon Blog Blogger Lifestyle Diplomat Fright Horror interior

It’s just so wonderful I recommend you do you Editorial Shots here, the way the light comes in is just perfect 😀


The Adventure is Not Over Yet

We may be out exploring Baguio City but our home away from home moments was actually perfect, Im so excited to talk about the happenings inside our rooms, sad to say it’s got to be on my next post 😀 stay tune, while waiting for the next travel post check the link below 😀

Update! Azalea Baguio Part2 is now up! “Home Up In The Mountain Province”

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