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When people see me as someone who achieved my  life goals… I thank God for having friends who sees me as who I am, my flaws, my despair, and yet they managed to bring out the best in me. Your friends are your best and healthy competition you can ever acquire. It may not appear directly but the way they motivate you makes you want to grow and do more in your craft.

The 4th quarter of the year are always the most crucial one, with anxiety as your uninvited guest, you’d definitely need to cling on to people that keeps your flames brighter that gets you through the storm.

Excuse me for having this thoughts this season, I just don’t know why Im feeling down recently. That’s why Im glad Im still able to attend to media events that distracts me from what we call last quarter syndrome hahaha just like what I’ve said in the previous blog (Click here) a support group is a must to survive this quarter and Im glad my blogger friends are always there to take me out of my reality even for awhile.

The other night, me and my blogger friend attended a launch from SUNNY WOOD RICE yet it turned out to be more like a RICE APPRECIATION NIGHT hahahha!!! I never knew I should have taken RICE 111 in college, coz there’s so much to learn about rice! All my life I thought it was like the usual “saing” rinse, cook and eat kinda usual thing for us pinoy hahahhah!!!

Chef Laudico, Sunny Rice’s Brand Ambassador, demonstrated for us unconventional ways to cook Paella.

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Yes, I never knew having a 5 meal course with rice as a main theme for each dish could actually feel as if having the usual meals served in a fancy dinner, but, the way each dishes were served are a show stopper! I could not believe you can actually play creatively use the rice not as something you pair with the viand but also as an accent to the flavor, texture and an added hypnotic aroma in each dish!*with feelings*

Pinoy Lechon Nigiri

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food pinoy Lechon Nigiri


Nigiri – a Japanese Dish topped with a crispy Lechon, a Pinoy Japanese Fusion dish, that’s sure pulls a surprise as having a very unusual flavor playing with your tongue, Coco Vinegar, Pickled Veggies and Wasabe will surely entice your taste buds and perk your appetite! definitely my kind of appetizer!


Squash Blossom

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Squash Blossom


Anything you put inside a Squash Flower becomes my instant favorite! hahahha, every time a few blooms at our backyard, I cant help but think what to stuff inside hahahah.


Seafood Rice Ceviche

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Seafood Ceviche


This is something I can eat all day!!! That kind of dish that is flavorful and comes with a different texture, you’d definitely know multi grains are at work in this moment. Plus point for rice! hahaha I actually tried doing the multi grain approach after I got my Sunny Wood Rice at home! sorry, going back to the dish, I love how you’ll find your self spazzing over the awesomeness of this dish, I seriously went foodgasm with this haahahha! sobrang sarap! especially when the mango bits makes everything united, booom!!! this is love!


Surf And Turf Aligue Risotto

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Surf Turf Aligue Risotto

I am not a fan of sticky rice for reasons, but this time, the yoke just did something majestic here! You know, we Pinoys have that habit of making HALO (mix) things, but this one, I demand you not to do it! just please let the malasado (Poached Egg) there, savor the texture, the egg just create this certain jolt I cant put to words, booom! another foodgasm!


Maja Blanca With PopCorn Ice Cream

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Maja blanca pop corn ice cream

This is a killer!!! I cant describe how the heavens had open when I tasted it! I find it ambiguously good! Hot and Cold, Soft and Rough, Sweet then Bland, all contradiction blended perfectly well!!! A perfect crime it is 😀

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Gus Villa aella

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Ruth Dela Cruz Gus Villas


It was a fun night exploring something new with friends, as side from learning something new to eat/cook, you’d also learn more about your friends and eventually, you’ll feel refreshed the next day since new experiences can always be so liberating. Hahahaha few days after, I tried something new especially, in this season, I usually have more unexpected guests, mostly relatives who missed their flights aaannnddd read more on my other blog here.

Friends are truly gifts you give to your self, they bring out the best in you and inspire you more to do good in your craft. Make sure you dont get the hang of overthinking the situations with the people around you that you tend to one circle of friends to another since you cant find that “Healthy Environment” sometimes you just need to work since it’s still considered as “relationship”. I remember in our church, we’re advised to be the “Right Person” rather than looking for that “right person”.

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After trying some Sunny Wood Products, I felt sorry for being contented with the regular rice we got over the sari sari stores, I mean, it’s not that cheaper rice doesnt matter but I noticed, that there is a return in investment when you patronize good quality rice.

I’d prefer BLACK RICE, since it lowers calories, has Vitamins, Essential Oils, loaded with Antioxidant and my favorite, it has High Fiber Contents making it perfect for Blood Type A like me who has lots of Gut Issues. Even Brown and Red is really good, Basmati is good as well.

Another thing that I like with Sunny Wood Rice, I rarely have that “totoong” or that burnt rice at the bottom of the cauldron, I like how I can consume everything since I never had totoong (for Sticky rice lang like Dinorado), sulit yung bayad, walang tapon kung baga. Let’s get healthy! With the food we eat, and the friends we make 😀


I was totally amazed on how my home cooked dished improved when I tried HIgh Quality Rice, and I felt like I was living a lie(lol) all this years thinking the cheaper rice is okay, IT’S NOT OKAY!!!  hahaha if you want to know more about Sunny Wood, Where to get them etc etc, check their official website at —->

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It’s not what goes into your mouth that defiles you; you are defiled by the words that come out of your mouth.”

-Mathew 15:11