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Diageo Reserve Duane Bacon World Class Mixology Manila Golden Age Tim Etherington

Diageo Reserve, along with it’s esteemed pool of bartenders, transported “White Space Makati” back into the precious streets of Manila, dubbing it as “Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails”. Reliving the Vibrant Streets of with elements such as TAHO Cocktail along with the new interpretations of Filipino Staples such as Samalamig, Sago Pearls, Soy Milk and a (my favorite) cocktail on a cellophane, just as how Pinoys would enjoy drinks of their choice, may it be Soda or Fruit Juices, just the right atmosphere in enjoying Pinoy Street Feels, crafted by Diageo Bartenders that will represent our country in a Global Scale Mixology Competition – “WORLD CLASS 2016”.


This new golden age is set to take off after the growth that the local bartending community has experienced since the World Class program was introduced to the country in 2013. With more craft cocktail establishments surfacing all over the metro and with bartenders gaining more exposure and experience, the Philippines has been identified as a contender in the global craft cocktail community. This was made evident through the country’s first challenge win by 2015 Bartender of the Year Kenneth Bandivas in the Diageo Reserve Global Finals in Cape Town, South Africa.

Diageo Reserve Duane Bacon World Class Mixology Manila Golden Age Tim Etherington Taho Vodka

Bandivas, along with past year’s local winners Yoma Rivera and AK Roxas, displayed their craftsmanship, skill, and creativity as honed by the World Class program through Manila-themed craft cocktails patterned after local street favorites such as taho and samalamig served at the launch of Diageo Reserve World Class 2016.

Diageo Reserve Duane Bacon World Class Mixology Manila Golden Age Tim Etherington Juan Tamad Vodka


Guests bore witness to the unfolding of what is expected to be an exciting year for the country’s new roster of bartenders from the country’s finest bartending establishments, who will be stepping up to the plate to compete for a chance to represent the country at this year’s Global Final Competition in Miami, Florida. These bartenders were formally presented that evening, namely:

  1. Aldrin Ivan Ancheta from The Curator
  2. Clayton Paul Munar from Buddha Bar
  3. Ian Osillo from The Exit
  4. Sean Carlo de Vera from Mandalay
  5. Lester Jones Egurrola Ligon from ABV
  6. Kenneth Lloyd Misagal from ABV
  7. James Ortiz from Raffles Long Bar
  8. Byron Damatan Mayo from Las Flores
  9. Michael Tubiera from Rambla
  10. Jason Hussien Ali from Niner Ichi Nana
  11. Christopher Antonio from M Café
  12. Ichiro Nagasawa from Sage, Shangri-la Makati
  13. Christopher Bayon from Revel
  14. Alvin Delos Reyes from Hooch
  15. Jay Doy from Hooch
  16. Cedric Petrasanta Cello from Smith Butcher and Grill Room
  17. Sophie Douse from Smith Butcher and Grill Room
  18. Guillermo Natividad III from Solaire Resort and Casino
  19. Jesus Emmanuel Salvador Saludo from Solaire Resort and Casino
  20. Reymart Nolasco Dela Cruz from City of Dreams
  21. Nino Jayson Cruz from City of Dreams
  22. Mark Quilaton from Sofitel
  23. Mike Ople from Desiderata Lounge

Diageo Reserve Duane Bacon World Class Mixology Manila Golden Age Tim Etherington Street Style Cellophane Vodka

In the next few months, these bartenders will be competing in a series of qualifying heats and finals to determine which among these 23 representatives will be going on to compete in the Diageo Reserve World Class Bartender of the Year Finals in Miami, Florida, where the world’s best bartenders will pit their skills, impeccable techniques, and knowledge against each other in front of the cognoscenti of the global bartending industry.

Diageo Reserve also flew in Bulleit Global Ambassador – Tim Etherington – Judge, who conducted special mentoring sessions during the launch event. Also,  showed a little demo for the Media, ehem ehem not all the time you can have  Etherington to make a drink for you, but I was really lucky that night. He called it a JULEP, I was really speechless after tasting it, he is more than the Global Whisky Guy title.

 In his welcome remarks, Judge shared that certain Filipino sensibilities have indeed primed this year’s roster of contenders for the upcoming competition. “In my time here so far, I’ve noticed a different sense of care from these Filipino bartenders. What they’ve said about Filipino hospitality being of an entirely different level is true. That service I’ve received so far contributes a great deal to each bartender’s performance. On top of creativity and precision, good service is the backbone of good bartending,” shared Etherington-Judge. “The upcoming competition will put all that to the test, and it’s entirely up to these 23 representatives how they’re going to show the rest of the world what the Philippines has showed me.”

Now on its 8th year globally, World Class continues to elevate the craft, innovation, and creativity within the cocktail industry. “World Class helps build careers in the industry and has been instrumental in changing the lives of the next generation of bartending talent.”

Thank you for reading this post, but if you want to know more, head over also you can try  the Diageo’s Global responsible drinking resource.