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Lifestyle | Get The Trick For A Firmer Skin With NIVEA

Instagram Duane Bacon Blogger Nivea SPF 33 Lotion Skin Hydrated

Either having an active lifestyle or sedentary, both lifestyle is prone to having the inevitable Dry Skin which causes to lose the skin’s firmness. There are a lot of factors which causes dry skin, in general, it’s caused by aging, as we grow, our body grow weaker and loses it’s youthful features, that’s why Nivea step up and once again provided a solution in keeping your  youthful firm  skin in just 14 days! even I am a witness to this.

Recently Nivea lock in SM Mega Mall’s fashion hall with it’s Ginormous paraphernalia just to test and give encouragement to the guest on how how to take care of our skin.
Instagram Duane Bacon Blogger Nivea SPF 33 Lotion Skin Hydrated Cat Trampoline

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How About for Men?

Recently, I went back to swimming since it’s the only wellness I love to dwell when I need to keep up with my health. Prior to going back to swimming, I already noticed that my skin is a little bit dry, not the usual, I think it’s because I stay more indoors and commuting is not part of my routine now, at first I though it was because of all these, on top of that I need to include the usual chlorinated swimming pool I plunge from time to time, but then I realize, maybe Age is also a factor.

Check one of the activity I do underwater .

And so Skin Care sink in along with the prescription during the event, so I tried using the product, at first I didn’t event think it’d work within 2 weeks, but to my surprise, in the 1st week, the change is evident and Im really sorry for not documenting it since I thought it wont work for me since it’s branded for girls but, hey, it worked!

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How Nivea Firming Body Serum Moisturize Your Skin

The NIVEA white and firm series includes the NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33, provides not just fairer but firmer and smoother skin with it’s content.

Instagram Duane Bacon Blogger Nivea SPF 33 Lotion Skin Hydrated Product

Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33, with its light and non-sticky formula, contains 95% pure Vitamin C to provide radiant and fairer skin tone and firming ingredient Q10 that helps firm skin and restore its elasticity.


A super fruit replacing Orange on top of the Fruit with the highest Vitamin C content. Minerals such as iron, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorus, potassium, beta-carotene, calcium, and amino acids are present in this bomb 😀


is a Skin Rejuvenating agent, also known as CoEnzyme Q10, that make sure that skin cells are healthy and also it is responsible in protecting the skin from the so called “Photo Aging” or premature aging caused by being over exposed under the sun.

SPF 33

SPF is an abbreviation of Sun Protect Formula, it’s present even in Make Up and all cosmetic Products to avoid Chemical Reaction when under the sun and also to protect the user.

It was stated that the prescribe SPF level is 30 yet with Nivea, they fortify your skin with the protection up to a whopping 33!

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You need to remind your self that Skin Ointments or anything you put on your skin has to be in a higher frequency, not in volume. The skin’s function is to block any foreign objects including lotions, ointments and the likes. So, for you to achieve your goal and whatever lotion promises you, you need to apply at least 2 time a day. One in the Morning and one before bed. Good thing NIVEA Extra White Firming Body Serum SPF33 has a Non Sticky formula making you feel comfortable even under the sun.

Here’s another trick, make sure you put on any type of Lotion after you shower, dont dry your self that much with your towel, let the skin absorb the water on the surface by gently applying lotion on your skin. It will keep lock in the Water in your skin 😀

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