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Lifestyle | Getting Ready For More Transient Guest This Christmas Season

Lifestyle Chirstmas HMR Sunny Wood Rice Duane Bacon paella

I’ve been living next to Ninoy International Airport since 2013, and for 4yrs now, it wont surprise me anymore when people just pop out of our door step with whatever excuses they have, why their stranded etc etc… Of course, it’s Christmas season and everything just go crazy. Well, it’s not the other side of Christmas, but, whenever someone needs help, especially this season, we just need to remind our selves that the essence of Christmas is “God made himself available for all of us”, and who am I not to do the same when He had given me everything I needed even if I dont deserve it.

So, since I’ve been expecting more and more transient visitors this season. I went a head of them and did my early Christmas upgrades for my kitchen!

Where I Started

Well, the best thing in being a blogger is “you’ll learn a lot of things”; Like Best Deals this Christmas Season! The other Night, We had a short (sort of) Rice Appreciation Night, along with my blogger friends which I blogged recently and you’ll see more if you click here.

Harvester Sunnywood Rice Lifestyle Food Rodel Flordeliz Jem Cubil Gus Villas Ruth Dela Cruz Duane Bacon

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Make A Huge Difference With Sunny Wood Rice

Anyway, going back, I discovered something really mind blowing, like Rice similar to Black, Brown, Red, Violet and whatever colored rice goes. They all required some soaking (30mins before cooking) so that you can cook it and it feels like the normal rice we’ve grown up with. I dont know if it’s just me or what, but I was at awe knowing that we are totally consuming really really really low quality rice everyday! With Sunny Wood Rice, I noticed I dont have that “burnt rice” at the bottom of the cauldron. It may look expensive but I really like how my stool looks like! it screams FIBERRR!!! Yes! you wont really need to spend for more greens since the colored rice are highly packed with it and I love how it’s aromatic that really adds on to the appetite.

So I Got Curious

After our rice appreciation, I got curious and explored what’s written behind the Sunny Wood Rice packaging. Im supposed to include in this blog: 3 new dishes using colored rice, unfortunately Im swamped with tasks and I can only show you my (1st try) Black Rice Chicken paella and will definitely update this blog once I’m done with the other 2, so just stay tuned in this blog or on my Instagram account “@duane_bacon”.

Lifestyle Chirstmas HMR Sunny Wood Rice Duane Bacon Black Violet Basmati Dinorado Health

So, I just followed what google said on how to do a very basic paella and voila! Black Rice Pella ready to serve my future visitors. I cant afford to serve the same fried eggs and pasta dishes that I regularly cook hahahahha! Everybody needs to level up!

Lifestyle Chirstmas HMR Sunny Wood Rice Duane Bacon Cerami Induction pan

Kitchen Upgrade With HMR

Speaking of “Upgrade” I never knew there’s a really good and so much overwhelming surplus shop you’ll see in Pioneer. The one Im most familiar is in Market Market BGC, yet the Pioneer branch was just so overwhelming! it has a wide variation of items from Interior, Gadgets, Carpentry, Kitchen, Clothes even Office Supplies, they got it all in this branch.

Lifestyle Chirstmas HMR Sunny Wood Rice Duane Bacon Induction Cooker Ceramic Sale

The ceramic coated induction cooker, took my attention since it’s really expensive yet I only got it for 600php! The tito in me felt so accomplished.

I cant keep my eyes but zoom in and out on all appliances and it’s really giving me a hard time to choose since everything is so affordable! clearly it’s the perfect place for upgrades this Christmas.

Aside from the good deals Im so enticed with, HMR offers some thing you cant resist on top of that  wonderfully affordable items.

They offer exclusive discounts on their HMR Credit Card powered by Union Bank. For more information, check their website by clicking here.

Oh Christmas Season!

Now that I have my High Quality Rice and retty Kitchen Wares to aid me, I believe there’s no reason for my visitors to not feel at home, well, at home plus good food, then probably I can start charging them noh? lol joke lang! Definitely it’s one part of adulthood that people will appreciate how your parents have trained you and entrusted you with all the family values, so that’s for now on how Im preparing my self for future transient guest and Im confident with all this new skills I learned! This my next Buhay Independent post! Thank you for reading 😀