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Lifestyle | Miriam: You can’t call me PRESIDENT YET.

Sen Miriam Santiago Stupid Is Forever President National Bookstore

Sen Miriam Defensor – Santiago is back with a sequel! “Stupid is forever” hit the number one spot a month after it’s release for 3 months (According to National Bookstore). Now the sequel “Stupid is Forevermore” repeated the success, now packed with more jokes, clever one-liner, silly pick-up lines, stirring speeches and even, a short story.

Sen Miriam Santiago Stupid Is Forever President National Bookstore Philippines Election Politics
During the Book Signing, the question “Are You Running for President this 2016?” was raised and it went viral sooner as she launched her line “If I become president sometime in the very near future, this country will be much better than it was before. Today this country suffers from the malaise of plunder” in response, the crowed then replied “President Miriam” and as the usual Sen Miriam swept the  audience with the line “you cant call me PRESIDENT YET under the rule of law”, she said.

“Stupid is Forevermore” is divided into several topics including politics, religion, morality and romance. But aside from the lighthearted quips, the book also takes a serious tone through the moving speeches by Sen.Miriam during various occasions. In one of the speeches, Sen. Miriam pointed out how the youth can be participate through social media and urged young people to use the power of social media to be vocal against Corrupt Politicians.


“Stupid is Forevermore” also features entertaining illustrations from some of the country’s best young illustrators like Adam David, Andrew Drilon, Apil Sta.Maria, Jose Nicolas, Eugene Madayag, Juilius Villanueva and more.


“Stupid is Forevermore” is published by ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc., the home of the country’s best selling books. Its books and magazine  title cover a variety of topics to cater to the diverse Filipino Community.