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Lifestyle | My Scar Journey with Svelti

Svetli Duane Bacon Blogger Skin Lifestyle Derm Clinic Philippines Quezon City Cover

Years ago, I’ve already accepted that I just need to live by this scar face of mine. I cant afford to cling on to the false hope other derm clinics offer and end up on a quick sand of expensive creams and, worst, the intake that kills your liver and limits you in enjoying the sun.

July 13, 2016. Had the first meeting with Svelti (Svelt- Ay), It was amazing how they highlighted the fact that they wanted their very own Finished Project and not a Ready Made Influencer. At first I was hesitant that I even asked for a grace period, not posting on any of my social media yet, in avoidance to possible “placebo” effect.

Meet Duane Without Make Up

Svetli Duane Bacon Blogger Skin Lifestyle Derm Clinic Philippines Quezon City No Make Up

People say they haven’t noticed the changes in me. Just because I wear make up most of the time. Scars, blemished, yeah that Duane Version 2016 below, that’s it, may make up na yon!!! hahaha!

It sucks when you need to have long prep time and yet you still look less presentable enough like your instagram post hahaha*pls laugh with feelings*

“Ayyy hindi pang 200 likes in person”

One of the few horrendous line a digital content creator could ever hear upon meeting digital acquaintances in person.

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But Now, Things are Different.

1) No more long preparations. I dont put make up anymore, except when necessary like TV Exposure or Modeling et al.

2) Before, I cant sleep with anything on my face,  now, a simple facial wipes will do.

3) It feels different when you look good with just your skin, no layers etc.

4) When fitting a shirt (especially for guys), I need not to worry when I take it off since Im sure I wouldn’t leave any make up stains. Also, when someone, sneaks out to hug you and… you know what I mean.

5) I can post photos straight from my phone, no more photoshop and other photo process. I look the same both on photo and in person, which makes things easier and less pressure.

A whole lot of changes to share but bottom line is, my face looks better now and I dont have any in takes or expensive cream to maintain after the procedure. Also, I can still bask under the sun as is. No restrictions whatsoever.

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The Procedure

Svetli Duane Bacon Blogger Skin Lifestyle Derm Clinic Philippines Quezon City Lay Down

1) Clearing

For the first Two months, they let me settle with the placebo effect, 1st few weeks were most likely  weeding out phase, cleaning dirt under my skin until it’s ready for the treatment.

2) Emerge

Around October, I already started my treatment, it was amazing that I can still attend events right after my session, few minutes down time as if nothing has happened. Then, I started Vlogging. Just after the 2nd session, changes were already there.

Compared to my 1st TV Guesting at Pop Talk, I wore a really think layer of Make Up, then to our recent episode, I only had an hour sleep yet it’s my eye bags that were more taken care of rather than the whole vicinity of my face who previously look like the moon with all it’s craters hahahah.

3)  Maintain

My friends wouldn’t believe me at first when I say… “Sunblock” yes!that’s the only thing that I included in my routine. Same facial wash and all, all Doc Lalaine wants me to do is avoid exposing into too much light, weather from the sun or the lights we use indoor.

Around 2nd week December till 2nd week January, I’ve spent my days in Mindanao, Went to Siargao, Enchanted River and had all the Vitamin Sea and Sun all on me without any side effects, siempre, with sun block on.

How Painful?

Svelti offers non invasive service, the emerge session last only around 15minutes, no bleeding, no  needling, it’s all laser with a minimal jolt similar to being hit by a rubber band.

No down time. there is, if you consider 10 minutes or less  as one but I would still definitely go on my usual routine after my session.

Book that Appointment

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If your’re curious with what’s that on my face, and if you want to know the pricing, direction and appointments, head to  and you’ll be in good hands 😀 Get the skin treatment you deserve without over spending 😀