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Lifestyle | My Watsons Bro Essential List

Duane Bacon Watsons Lifestyle Fashion Mens Menswear

A call to arms to all Manliest of Men! Watsons Philippines engages modern men to a BRO BOOTCAMP, a crash course program showing the boys how to master personal care. Until now, the average man’s daily regimen is limited to shampoo, soap and, deodorant. But, even if guys don’t like to admit it, Watsons knows, that real bro could use a little extra care.

Last year, Watsons launched an exclusive corner dedicated to men. A one stop corner for mens grooming ranging from Head to Toe. This year, an encouragement was brought up and as a yuppie, I list down some of my picks that an average guy like me (who commutes and most of the time on bare foot swinging from one client to another) would appreciate.

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Facial Care

Duane Bacon Watsons Lifestyle Fashion Mens Menswear

Most men arent aware of this, “A little facial hair when mismanage can ruin all the good looks”. Those bumps may show that you dont take care of your self. or sometimes makes you look haggard.

At this modern age, you dont need to learn Shaving 101, good shaving cream and a good razor will do all these for you. Like my picks, use a good facial wash from Nivea Men that softens facial hair which makes it easier from your shaving cream to perform it’s task. Also, Gillette has it’s never ending progression when it comes to Shaving Paraphernalia. Each year they have something new that makes shaving less hassle.

Duane Bacon Watsons Lifestyle Fashion Mens Menswear


Sometimes I pray that, Makati or BGC will open a Public Bathing House where I can take a shower after work (or even during breaks, sobrang init diba???) or whenever I go out for a swim, I always take with me liquid soap for less hassle.

My picks include Adidas and Safeguard “Body, Hair and Face” gel, aside from it’s portability, I like how it makes me smell good, go for Adidas, if you have this STRONG KARGADOR SCENT (aka Amoy Araw), I just like how it smells like an expensive Shower Get yet has this sporty vibe. Safeguard it you want a lowkey refreshing scent.

Also, I would love to share my latest discovery, Palmolive Deep Cleansing Shampoo, it’s available in Charcoal and Eucalyptus.  I really like it since I sweat a lot, including my head and I really need to maintain a shampoo trying not to smell… huhuhu oily head problems. *Raise your hands if you can relate.* an ample amount is enough for it to bubble and wash away all the remnants of EDSA hahahah!!!

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Body Talk

Duane Bacon Watsons Lifestyle Fashion Mens Menswear Old Spice

Cleansing may leave your skin free from impurities, and that’s good, but sometimes this also leads to dry skin and in this part, germs can easily infiltrate your skin. And that’s a problem no one wants to deal with. That’s why it’s advisable to have a moisturizing product, usually in cream form, as part of your kit.

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This requires long discussion, to make it short, I included in my list, items that eliminates odor yet keeps you moisturized. Among all these, if you are, again, has-this-kargador-smell I suggest you go for Old Spice, the woody effects harmonizes with the oils found in your sweat that keeps you from smelling so bad. lol, but sometimes it has to do with how you manage your laundry.

Grooming is a reflection of one’s character. Looking your best isn’t about vanity. It’s about taking full advantage of every edge you can. In a job interview, on a date, in pretty much every other daily battle you face- the guy who looks like he’s got it together has the upper hand.

Armed with manly knowledge and a swag bag full of grooming goods from Nivea Men, Gillette, Belo Men, Axe, Pond’s Men, Old Spice, Freshman, Adidas, Watsons Men Razor. do yourself a favor, man. Head to a Watsons and pick up some essentials from the Men’s Zone.