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In a snap! Most of us suddenly find ourselves to travel more frequently, local or abroad, personal or work related and I believe, you and I, shares the same guilt as we OVER PACK, hahaha, to travel and exploring destinations while in a light weight luggage is an achievement for most of us (including me), recently I’ve been flying in and out with my dreamy 28ltr back pack vs 20kg usual luggage when I travel since 4th grade.

Compiling my recent travel realizations, I ended up writing down a “I-Wish-I-Knew” kinda list, it’s categorized in 3 parts and I think it’s worth sharing so here it goes.

I. I-Wish-I-Knew: The Mind Set

If in entering a relationship requires you to “Define The Relationship / DTR”, same goes to Traveling hahahah, you need to know what is “Importatnt” and “Priority” which involves “Anticipation”:

The Power of Anticipation

Recently, we went to Sagada and there’s this girl I saw who joined us inside the cave and also at Kiltepan, while waiting for the Sun Rise, I am not being mean but she actually wears the usual Denim Skinny Jeans and Blouse in all the locations, and I can hear her saying “Ang Lamig”(It’s Cold~~).

Check the background of my snap, it was so cold when we went there.

There I realized that, in Packing, you need to anticipate, more like of a common sense but we know that common sense is not as common as it is. Sometimes we over pack since we do not anticipate, we just throw in things inside our bag even we’re not really sure if we are going to use it. Will discus more of this in the 2nd part 😀

Use your Google Power!

What if you dont know how to ANTICIPATE? hahah, like my College Prof always remind us —> Use Your Google Powers! Or Download the Google Launcher for Android Users (Click Here) then start asking stuff about what you need to expect if you visit <insert your destination here>, here I found a clip from Team Kramer using the app 😀 hahahah! are are a lot of information readily available for use so maximize it!

II. I-Wish-I-Knew: Things To Bring

Finally! we are in the packing proper segment. Recently, I passed by a Travel Trade Event, then there’s one thing I noticed, OUTDATED, there are actually “packing” friendly items that helps you pack your things properly or items that gives more space and offer high functionality yet it’s not offered in public.  I cant tell you which particular item to bring but I hope the “Concepts/Idea” in my short list will enlighten your packing sense.

Light Weight Apparels

For Business Trips

Airport to Shore or Workation looks has to be versatile, also, it has to be light weight. Every time I have a Workation trip, I always take with me my favorite Uniqlo apparels. I’ve proven that majority of Uniqlo items are light weight and they have this “Breathing” technology that adapts to the climate that I-dont-know-how-the-Japanese-made-that-textile-engineering.

Travel Summer Packing Tips Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Blog Philippines

*Attention-Seeker- Fleece-Lover- Cat not Included*

I know it sounds weird but, I cant travel without my Uniqlo Fleece Turtle Neck, hahaha I feel comfortable sleeping with it. It’s perfect for someone who easily feel cold. Also, a pair of unique denim under the Re-Jean series from Uniqlo is worth taking with you during trips coz of its Re-Jean Features, seriously, it;s a denim but it’s really light.

Travel Summer Packing Tips Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Blog Philippines Uniqlo Swim Shorts Bench

Personal (And Mostly Beachy) Trips

In relations to the anticipation thingy I was talking about above, if you want to travel light and you know you’ll only hit the beach, why not just take some swim shorts with you, they match the climate and also easy to dry.

Uniqlo 2016 Summer Collection Duane Bacon Lifestyle Men's Wear Fashion Style

Above, Im wearing a Polo Shirt from Uniqlo with Dry Technology (Click here for more info.) In the photo, I wore a tank top underneath and was under the 2pm sun and I didn’t sweat that much even though we stayed under the sun and took places on Photographer x Model roles hahaha. Im really a fan of Uniqlo, just saying.

Travel Summer Packing Tips Lifestyle Duane Bacon Blogger Blog Philippines Water Proof Bag Camping Towel

After all my beachy adventures, if it’s a beach then this combo has to be present! Water Proof Bags x Camping Towels x Swim Shorts. My Boracay experience taught me that I should carry with me a Water Proof bag, since it’s sad if the whole gang cant make it to the sea, since someone has to be in charge with the things, especially if you travel alone, you can actually take this baby with you as it can float and keep your things dry inside it, Amazingly WaterProof Bag hahaha! urghh~

The Camping Towel has to be there all the time! you can fold it to Hanky size and you wont need to sacrifice you favorite shirt just to dry up.

III. I-Wish-I-Knew: Digital Apps Assistance

24/7 we are most likely holding on our Devices and if only Im aware that these fancy apps are actually the best support we can ever have in slim situations.

NO TIME TO SHOP? Digital Lifestyle To The Rescue!

Aside from the usual Travel AppsThere are 2 Apps that I regularly Check, different niches and items you won’t be expecting to see. These apps are really good not just for Summer but all Year Round especially when I dont have time to shop for my travel Essentials.

Brand New Exclusive Items in OLX

There are items found in OLX that are focused on an exclusive Niche that you cant find in malls, try to check on it 😀

OLX Summer Camping Towel Beach Adventures Travel Portable

I actually got my Camping Towel and Waterproof bag by browsing over the app, also they have various selection when it comes to Travel Necessities like Tents, sleeping bag etc. so go check it!

Fashion Brand Buffet in Zalora

Aside from the Various Brands, you can count on How the Styling works  with the Production Team especially a pre set of styling for for various summer activities welcomes users once they open there Mobile app.

Zalora Travel Set Style Fashion Digital Mobile App Shopping Fashion Duane Bacon

Good Bargains drops from time to time, also, I found a number of amazing running shoes from ZALORA, while I was just looking for the Huarache from Nike but options just keep on flowing and ehem ehm it’s part of my WISH LIST just in case you are concerned how I’ll walk, sprint, run whatsoever in Batanes hahah  I am more welcome to accept it as a gift hahahah!

Zalora Travel Set Style Fashion Digital Mobile App Shopping Fashion Duane Bacon Nike Huarache Shoes Travel

You can also use my Discount Code if you run out of Discount Vouchers hahaha!

Zalora Ambassador Duane Bacon Blogger Lifestyle Mens Wear

Okay, I guess that’s it for now, I think I’ll be having a Part 2 for this List.

Comment in below if you have Travel Ideas that you think I noob traveler must know haha! thank you for reading, check this link for all summer events on my radar 😀 —> Click Me