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Lifestyle | Snow Cap with L-Glutathione

Glutathione has been well-known in the Philippines for years, but many Filipinos regard it just simply a “SKIN WHITENING PRODUCT”. However I got excited when I made a few readings about this wonderful supplement, which I recently tried after my SINULOG escapade.

The recent Sinulog was a very rigid trip, for first timers, like me, I was planning to attend only on events when I feel like or as required by my Blogger Duties. But that plan didn’t happen ha-ha, I ended up partying from Wednesday to Saturday – from sunset up to sunrise – and I still have to perform my Blogger duties on daytime, I’m not really a YOLO-type of person, but the main issue started when I came back to my reality.

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I didn’t expect that Snow Caps would actually help me get back on track after the very grueling Sinulog trip (quoting my friend “Ubusan ng Lakas Trip” hahaha). Glutathione is actually the King of Anti Oxidants, in other words, it helps to alleviate Stress and help us regain our vitality.

Aside from the whitening properties, every SNOW CAPS Capsule contains 500mg of L-Glutathione, 100mg of Alpha Lipolic Acid and 100mg of Vitamin C, which helps the body to synthesize glutathione, Snow Caps Capsule is an all-in Package, if you want it as a Whitening Product or just being Health Conscious, Snow Caps is the right food supplement for you! and it is safe as  Snow Caps is FDA Approved FR# 64597.

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Have you ever wondered why they label some food as “JUNK FOOD?” Basically they are like, literally “junk” that only belongs to the dumpster since they weren’t needed, same goes for every in-take of medicine or food supplement, once the body cannot absorb it, then it has to go, sad part is, you just wasted you time, effort and money.

L-Glutathione is a REDUCED GLUTATHIONE, for short, it is in “Bio Available” form, making it easily absorbed by the body which enables the efficiency of its Health Benefits once taken in our system.



1. Boosts Immune System Functions

High levels of L-Glutathione inside our body have been shown to increase the body’s ability of fighting off infections and illnesses.

2. Anti-ageing

Ageing is natural for all of us, but feeling old is preventable. L-Glutathione prevents formation of Free Radicals and Oxidative Damages that cause stress that results to what is called “Tito/Tita Mode,” or worse: “LOLO/LOLA MODE.” Haha!

3. Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is often a precursor to debilitating diseases. The longer it persists, the more the opportunity of bad things to happen increases. Chronic inflammations are associated with lower manifestations of Glutathione in our body. With L-Glutathione present in Snow Caps Capsule, it raises the production of Gluathione. And since it is “Bio Available,” it is easier for our body to reap its benefits.

4. Antioxidant

The efficiency of L-Glutathione in our body has been shown to result into “Low Cellular Toxicity.” establishing a Strong Immune Function that denies formation of Free Radicals (the culprits for stress)  and anything related to it.

5. Liver Health

All of us don’t have the same production rate of Glutathione, but with the proper supplement, balancing or increasing the Glutathione level tends to be more manageable for our Livers (where Glutathione is produced).

6. Cognitive Health

As Glutathione strips our systems off of Free Radicals, it also removes Heavy Metal Deposits – an act of detoxification for our brain. It wards off the root cause of most cognitive disorders, and benefits our minds, as it appears to improve Cognitive Function and Memory throughout the ageing process.

7. Skin Health and Appearance

Happy Liver shows through the skin. With an impressive level of Glutathione, it makes it easy for the Liver to filter all the dirt in our body. With that being said, it contributes to the totality that shows a good appearance, reflecting what is inside.


Morning is the time of the day where Anti Oxidants are low since sleeping also has it’s side effects. With or without a meal you can take your dose of Snow Caps but I suggest you make sure to eat after 30Minutes, since any supplement and medicine can increase the acidity of your stomach, and Food Supplements are better when they are digested with an interval of 1hour after or before your meal.

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If you really want to attain a fairer skin tone, taking in Snow Caps and Snow Whitening Soap can expedite the process, but I wont be pressing on that benefit, coz basically it does more than  just to whitening.


SNOW SKIN WHITENING SOAP contains GIGAWHITE formulation, an optimal skin penetrating formula which contains 7 Plants from Swiss Alps that promotes Skin Lightening. it also has ACE-B3 (Anti Oxidant Complex) which is a combination of Aloe Extract (Moisturizing), Vitamis C (Protects against Photo-Damage), Vit E (Free-Radical Defence/Moisturize) and Niaciamide B3(Skin Clarifying).


It’s best to use Snow Whitening Soap at night when there is no sun that causes chemical reaction when made contact(Which is true to all Whitening Products), I suggest if you use it during day light, Put on some Sun Block to avoid unwanted chemical reactions .

Also, when taking a bath, make sure you let the bubbles stay on your skin for 2-3minutes, massage your skin to  effectively remove dead skin cells and to give your skin the chance to totally absorb the good benefits of  Snow Whitening Soap. Take Note: Our Skin was meant to protect us from foreign elements, meaning, if you want the good benefits of the 7 Plants I’ve mentioned above, make sure you let the bubble or whatever you call that thing the soap creates on your skin to stay for more than 2minutes ahahh I think MARINATE could be a good term for this occasion hahah!


Snow Caps and Snow Skin Whitening Soap 

Price: 1,495/ Box with 30 Capsule

Available at: Mercury Drug Store, South Star Drugstores, Ansons Supermarket, Three Sixty Pharmacy, LCC Bicol, 360 Pharmacy – Cebu, NCCC HB1 Davao, CitiMart Dept. Store – Batangas

FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE: Call (632)927-9227 or Text Only at 0998-994-8888(With a minimum order of 3pcs for SSWhitening Soap and 1 box for Snow Caps)