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Lifestyle | Sprout: Convenient and Fresh

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Few Weeks ago I suffered a series of Gastronomic Issues, an incident that lead me to read about “Raw Food Diet”. And is actually the reason why I decided to drop by this catchy newly opened Vegan Salad Bar a.k.a “Sprout” before heading to church.

Usually I spend 150php in fast foods before I get a little satisfied. In comparison with Sprout, astoundingly, the pricing is really cheap and one serving of salad(150php) is actually good for 2-3pax, all natural, and fresh. How could I say no?

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Introduction to Raw Food Diet?

“Fast Food however tends to imply over-processed items(yuck!), Packed with preservatives (gross!) and extenders that hold little to no nutritional benefit(boo!). To prove that convenient meals can be healthy and fresh by creating dishes using locally sourced ingredients that are all made daily, in-house and from Scratch” — says Sprout Leaflet hahaha which actually makes a sense 😀

I got afflicted by Acid Re-flux followed Food Poisoning with a total of 3weeks of never ending list of food restrictions. For a foodie like me, it feels like I was locked up in Azkaban, all that fvckd up situation made me cling to “Real Food” and that incident made me realize that not everything you chew oreat deserves the title “FOOD”.

Quoting some line from Garage magazine, it says “Enthusiasts claims, that the body can heal it self once freed from the consumption of toxic” and “There is no One-Size-Fits-All diet” when it comes to ideal eating regimen”Mari Jasmine –  Nutrition

Thank you for that Mari! So here I am exploring Raw Food Diet Options before I start hoarding and creating my own Mix 😀

Sprout Greek Health Salad Vegetable Paleo Vegan Diet Duane Bacon


Greek for the Geek!

Wherever I go, Greek Salad will always be my first pick, With Sprout’s “Take me To Greek”, I just love how they kept the authenticity of a Greek salad, where there is always a balance between bitterness and sour and a little hint of sweetness that makes all the flavour just blended up all in perfectly.

Sprout Thai Chicken Health Salad Vegetable Paleo Vegan Diet Duane Bacon


Thai Chicken Chopped Salad

Sawadee! If you love Spring Rolls, Im sure you’ll love this! At first I was trying to figure out how to eat this, at first, yes, it reminds me of Spring Roll soaked in Peanut Butter Sauce, but when I tried including the Chicken Chops, boom! All of a sudden everything feels like, it’s making sense now, I dont know how to explain it but it got me into Foodgasm state hahaha seriously!

It was dinner time when I ate the Thai Chicken, but I still cant so it happened that there were 3 of us munching this Chic hahha, they really have this big servings making it all worth the pricing 😀

Sprout Vegan Raw Paleo Diet Ice Cream Fuits Sprout Vegan Raw Paleo Diet Duane Bacon Baconsilog Powershots Ginger Spice Sprout Vegan Raw Paleo Diet Duane Bacon Baconsilog Munchkins Coco

The Shop

The settings makes me feel like I was eating inside a modern kind of barn, a “Glass Barn” maybe? majority of the light was actually coming from the outside,  and for someone like me who is sensitive to light, this is a ten thumbs up! Haha the play list is also something to look up to 😀 I love anything NON Main stream hahahha! Keep it up guys!

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Thank you for reading and I hope that inspired you a little,

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  • I’m not too fond of salads nor of vegetables, but the Thai chicken one sounds good!

    • you should hahah! Makati Area ka lang ba?

      • Haha malayo! Las Piñas. :)) But them again I’ve been in Dumaguete for the past 2 years for school. Nakakabalik naman ako pag sembreak or Christmas break.

  • Nakakagutom! Ang sarap talaga pag fresh. Masubukan nga ito pag napunta ako sa Makati. Thanks, Duane!

    • nako! good for 3 yung serving nila Sar! or if you’re planning to save some for the next meal na hahah

      • Seryoso nga? Sige, maghahanap ako ng kasama! 😀

    • Nako nandito lang naman ako tapos we can have a movie afterwards 😀 and then off to the next food trip while working on a Movie and Food Review 😀 lapit na pa naman ng Hunger Games 😀

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