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Lifestyle | Uniqlo Batik Motif Collection Lookbook Part1

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As a Mindanaoan, I grew up appreciating the beauty and how rich Batik Motif talks about culture in every design composition.  There’s a lot to tell about the Batik however this collection actually aims to help Factory Workers with every purchase on this collection with their “Empowerment Project”.

After the Jollibee x Uniqlo campaign I did, I feel so honored how Uniqlo noticed how much I really like their Batik Collection. Then poof! here I am sharing “How to incorporate Traditional Batik Motif in your Contemporary Look”. but first, let me orient you about the Batik Motif and what makes it relevant.

Batik Motif

Batik is an Indonesian traditional design motif using wax-resist dyeing technique applied to a cloth and has be inscribe as Intangible Clutural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009, Uniqlo Collaborated closely with Yayasan Batik Indonesia, modernizing traditional batik motif which was sprinted by machines at factories, producing a light weight yet refined collection.

Work Work Work Inspired Lookbook

This project really inspired me to work on 3 lookbooks incorporating Traditional Prints on Contemporary Look with enough versatility to get you through out the day. I’ll upload  1 look each week and update the links below but first, here’s the 1st look.

 The Industrialized – All Blue

Uniqlo Batik Motif Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Denim Jacket Blue

Who says Denim on Denim is bad? What I love in Denim on Denim is that it shows your authority on your style, it’s a make of break look, if you have less confidence, this look will swallow you! you really have to strive and be worthy for this combo, industrialize your self! *Will Put the Link Later*

The Errand Look – Adelantado

Uniqlo Batik Motif Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Pullover

 Best for Field Work – Adelantado in Tagalog is “Maaga” or “Early” in english, the opposite of  Atrasado or “Late”.  Before we did the shoot for this lookbook, I personally tried each on of them, just to see that it really works, what I love not just in this collection but as in general, Uniqlo really engineer their textiles, resulting to a higher quality and performance on their products. You can do all you want, sweat and whatever labor brings you but this look will really keep your cool with it’s breathable feature.

Based on Functionality- Night Shift

Uniqlo Batik Motif Duane Bacon Mens Wear Blogger Parka Jacket

Pockets, Hoodies and Style bundled in this look. if you noticed how much I love my denim jacket, basically it’s because of it’s functionality, what more in this Parka Jacket?

INSPIRE factory Workers

Part of the proceeds from this purchases supports the people who make our clothes through education and awareness programs.

By acquiring skills such as managing personal health, garment factory workers in Indonesia and Other Countries are empowered for Life.

Fashionably Secure

UNIQLO announces the appointment of Christophe Lemaire as Artistic Director of the newly established UNIQLO Paris R&D Center and the new Uniqlo U line. 

UNIQLO_Christophe Lemaire Appointed Artistic Director of UNIQLO Paris_Photo 1

The first Uniqlo U collection has been created with Lemaire’s dedicated Paris team and will be unveiled in Paris in early July. Uniqlo U features innovations in keeping the LifeWear philosophy of providing comfortable clothing that matches all lifestyles. The line will launch worldwide from the Fall/Winter 2016 season.

I could not have done this project without the support of Vin Aranas, the photographer I collaborated for this lookbook. I hope this prologue inspired you even a bit. Stay tune for 3 up coming look books I made dedicated for this collection 😀