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Lifestyle | When Adult Life Meets Last Quarter Stress

Ramen Nagi Last Quarter Syndrome Stress Health Food Lifestyle Duane Bacon Breakout Manila Blue Water Spa

“The Last Quarter Syndrome”, Where everyone is fighting their way to reach desired quota or pitching for a better project for the next year. Most of the time we feel tired of the things we thought we’ll be doing for the next 10 years; only to find out that we are just uninspired and unmotivated .

Recently Im having a series of stress induced hyper acidity which reminds me that keeping your mental health is one of the most exciting part of adult life. Fun part, China cant manufacture what you need in this scenario; but you can have your happy pills for free through constant interaction from family and friends.

One night while I was organizing my files, it made me look back to the things I do to get away from stress. Take note! this is a very important routine especially if you live alone in the metro.


Definitely, we’ll initially think more of secluding our selves to replenish energy; as I found my self captivated by this Bluewater Day Spa leaflet I found in my bag. Yes me time is sometimes important, where you are not obliged to be politically correct. Just stay there and relax.

With this kind of bait! there’s not time to contemplate!

At some point a collaborative energy is a good stress killer as BlueWater Day Spa also has group packages. Sometimes juts being together in one room with friends and family makes a difference.

Speaking of collaborative energy:


Trying out something new that diverts you from your regular routine is one of my go to stress killer.


1st week of November, along with my blogger friends, we got that chance to take on the St.peter x Break Out Challenge. That was really fun and exciting as everything was a race against time! sigh, I think we only needed 5 more minutes to complete the final task. but “Almost is Not Enough” in this challenge, but still, it would be a good thing to do to get away from the Last Quarter Syndrome.

It was a Collaboration for the Death Care Week, unfortunately our team got rescheduled a few times since Gus, Me and Gian lost our Abuelos and Abuelas. Gian didnt made it to out schedule since it was his lola’s wake. Thank you Team St peter for understanding our situation!

My family patronizes St peter’s Death Care Services and I’ve seen how their services went during my Lola’s wake. Even when Im still a little bit mourning, I urged Gus for us to just enjoy our challenge.

Ramen Mid Week Dates!

Moving on! Here’s a “kapit lang date”, those much needed mid week escape by exploring new dishes or let’s say, New Ramen Dishes from Ramen Nagi. Well, they always have something new, so it’s really fun to always use Wednesday Ramen Dates. With Ramen Nagi‘s Huge serving, expect lots of conversation to flow.

Ramen Nagi Last Quarter Syndrome Stress Health Food

The other month, we tried the oyster King, and it was really something new. As you can see the photos below shows how Luie and Joel had this huge discussion from Oyster King to Dimensions we humans cant comprehend hahahha that’s how Mid Week date should be! Even for awhile we buy the chances to forget about the deadlines, even just for a while.

Ramen Nagi Last Quarter Syndrome Stress Health Food Luie Magbanua Jeol Quizon

Ramen Nagi Last Quarter Syndrome Stress Health Food Luie Magbanua Joel Quizon Adult lifestyle

Ramen Nagi Last Quarter Syndrome Stress Health Food Luie Magbanua Joel Quizon

Caption at your own risk hahhaha!!!

Let’s Not Forget

NO matter how long this list may run, we need not to forget that there is someone who can provide legit joy and love in the middle of this worldly struggle, let us not forget that there is someone who’s ready to back us up during out darkest time!

But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

2 Corinthians 12:9

Philippines has the lowest cases of depression it’s because we love socializing and I urge you to do bond with your family more often when you are feeling under the weather and dont forget to seek God at times like this or be in a community that value God’s Word. This too shall pass! kapit lang tayo sa Family and friends and most especially, kay God 😀 Jehova Elohim, the creator, the provider kaya kapit lang 😀