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Movie Review : Attack of Stress on Attack on Titans

Duane Bacon Shingeki No Kyojin Attack On TIitan Movie Review

The Attack On Titans Movie is now open starting yesterday (Aug 12) here in the Philippines, I watched the anime series during 2013 while I was waiting for Claymore updates since both have the same pattern of people dying here and there and it really caught my attention, sad to say it was a bad decision to watch it last night *Face Palm* if your fandom is really strong with SNK, you need to orient your self that it wont provide your need of a fan service. Continue reading below if it’s okay for you to get spoiled a little.

Sad to say I rate this with 3/10



Im not being racist, but it’s a Japanese Film and Dramatic Emo Poses are expected, but honestly, I think the Shinji Higuchi wasted most of the time on Emo Bishie poses instead of developing the story or establishing audience’s sympathy to the 1st few characters that will die.


This is a live action film! Fans will probably look for the scenes where fandoms were build-up, and here are some of the list that I was really waiting for yet urgh NADA! Not even a few seconds :/

You have to admit! The Sorting Hat AKA Intro to Military Branches part is one of the memorable thing, the Sigils, the tasking, tsk3 those parts has to be a staple for the prologue :/

Potato Girl
Who wouldn’t fall in love with Potato Girl and her Potato appreciation values? I can still remember she was first coined as Potato Girl during the 1st assembly but no :/ no potato girl coining moment in the movie :/ Mashed Potato Girl I guess hahahah

Mommy’s Last Words
The Motivational Last words of “Eren’s” mom before she died, Fvck! My heart just melted in that part. Why was that not part of the Film??? Urgh!


First, I love how the titans looks like, they look quite the same in my imagination, next, I wonder why they increased the gore level way higher but the execution wasn’t that really good, the part where they(the Titans) open their mouth looks like they were just low budget cosplayers trying to dedicated a short film to their fandom out of pure love but NO! This is not fanmade :/

As much as I want to talk more about the film, I just cant coz I might end up spoiling you, if you’ve reached reading this part, Thank you! Hahha till my next movie review 😀

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  • True. A lot of scenes and elements in the movie were inconsistent with the anime 🙁