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MOVIE REVIEW| FANTASTIC 4: That Awkward Fantastic Moment!

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The moment I saw Miles Teller and Michael Jordan casted for Fantastic Four Reboot, I already had my presumption of “NOOOOO~~” well, not the racist kinda reaction but both actors I’ve mentioned keeps this THE AWKWARD MOMENT(with Zac Efron) BRANDING in my head, and as much as I’m not that of a big fan of Fantastic Four, yet I’ve spent part of my childhood watching it on Cartoon Network and somehow I have my Fantastic Four Archetypes which I didn’t really think  that they would “somehow” fit in. And I think most rants on Facebook are from those who weren’t really a fan and maybe, was expecting too much of Dynamic Visuals(Silver Surfer~~ehem ehem), that didn’t satisfied them and bolt out criticism which they don’t have a particular foundation to begin with.



I have this set of movies that I labeled as “BETTER SEEN ON CINEMA” and this time, I would rate is as “You Can Watch It In Your Laptop Kinda Visuals”. Nothing much too expect, everything is set for the PROLOGUE and reshaping the story so that this minimal changes would fit in.



-So, basically it’s a reboot, meaning, I need to let go of my archetypes (which includes you) and try to gasp this new world they are creating without Jessica Alba haha. But seriously, what I like about this reboot is that, they may have had an “over powered” Dr.Doom, but at least this time, fantastic four team up has also increased and a better combat style for Mr.Fantastic is a plus points for me 😀 haha I think the Lack of Teamwork made me not patronize this series when I was a kid and I’m glad they improved on this aspect now.


VERDICT: 6.5/10

Something you watch coz you’re just curious how the reboot looks like.

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Till my next Movie Review 😀