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My AF Kwentong Jollibee – Meron Rin Ako Noh!

Kwentong Jollibee Viral Ads Marketing Duane Bacon Blogger Valentines Love Group Cover

Last night my churchmate asked me “Bakit lahat nalang ginagawan ng kwento?” In philosophy, non of us are original, we all learn from History that’s why telling a story that you can relate is a beautiful arsenal to deliver the message, LOL, OA ba? hahahha!!! but seriously, most of the advertisement in the local scene are inspired by a true story that draws emotion as it wins our empathy towards the  characters.

Interestingly, when talk about “Viral Contents”, foreigner acknowledges Pinoy Proud Contents as one of their study. Not to mention on how Kwentong Jollibee set the netizens on fire not just on shares but also on how Vloggers and Netizens responded from this phenomenon in a tidal wave of reaction video, status & tweets  that broke the internet <insert monstrous number of shares/data here LOL>.

This year, it feels like a dejavu on how we gathered in the same place, celebrating the same thing and seeing some of the same cast who made us laugh, cry and be amazed on how they did kilig worthy and heart melting contents even if we already saw it on Youtube.


Kwentong Jollibee Viral Ads Marketing Duane Bacon Blogger Valentines Love Signs

“Naligaw ka man sa signs, true love will find you”

Weeew! I also love to ask signs, I usually cound 1-20 then if the sign comes then I’ll proceed etc. I felt the highschool kilig when I saw them counting to 3 to look for “the one” kuno. Im sure ngayon valentine’s day, you can pray na your crush to be present in Jollibee, hahahah! Im sure he/she’s trying to stretch their budget kasi bukas pa yung sweldo oh!

Last note, the director for this clip is Direct Ted Boborol. If you are familiar with Vince Kath and James. hahah No wonder when some slowmo effects feels like coming from a Chic Flick genius.


Kwentong Jollibee Viral Ads Marketing Duane Bacon Blogger Valentines Love Home Coming

“Di na papagod ang pusong nag mamahal.”

Directed by the certified Viral Director Joel Ruiz. it follows the couple (Gilbert and Ruth) reminiscing how they won each other. Sobrang kilig kaya ako especially Im not the kind of person who courts, but I really like wining someone through my efforts while crossing my fingers that they would see though my actions. At nag wagi si Gilbert!Pinag palang Torpe Award

Being torpe in our culture is normal and the story “Torpe ako pero si tita mo kasi” is a normal phenomenon whenever we have family reunion hahahah, I like how the setting is not limited inside the store but in reality that we also take out Jollibee Burger wherever we go. Here’s another secret: there’s this Bar in BGC, the 1st thing I had with me and mostly that is found in my pocket is a Jollibee Regular Yum. I didnt intended to do that but most of the time I have this in my pocket hahahah!


Kwentong Jollibee Viral Ads Marketing Duane Bacon Blogger Valentines Love Status Laugh

Here’s one of my favorite, knowing the person it takes inspiration from got me “Hala, alam ko yaaan aaahhhh!!!”

“Kahit wala kang Love Life, may love ka sa life. Family Love is True Love”

Directed by Director Lanco dela Cruz, this masterpiece is our (yuppies) story. Sobrang relate ako when you know, you are trying to balance work and love life then you go for the extra mile to be with someone yet they really dont aim to be dedicated to you. It’s not being possessive but the person you want cant give the kind of assurance you deserve. yes, ASSURANCE is the key word! hahahah, no matter you shrug it off, the pain just turned your heart into it’s summer get away.

After all the struggle, you wake up one day laughing at all the dark times and realize that it’s your family who were there when everything gave up on you. Hala, haba ng explaination ko noh? LOL

How about you? which clip made it easily to relate?

Kwentong Jollibee Viral Ads Marketing Duane Bacon Blogger Valentines Love Group


AF = Amazingly Familiar — eh based on a an experience na common ito lahat sa atin eh! Kayo naman, dudumi ng utak niyo ah