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Notario Publico | Mismanaged PR Cherry Bustamante Burwell x Sandstorm2014

I did not expect this issue will spread like a wild fire and to be honest, this will be the 1st time I’ll be writing about a certain experience with a PR Officer. Quite alarming that I don’t want it to happen to other bloggers as well. I know sometimes PR Officers/Media et al. has this negative impression over bloggers and the bottom line is “You Invited us and that makes us a TEAM” and you know what to do when have a TEAM :D.


If you’ve seen the flooding rants on facebook after the sand storm event, haha I bet you already have an idea but I just want to focus on “OUR” issue, it’s between “US” the bloggers VS the PR OFFICER(?) Also Known As Cherry Bustamante Burwell. Well I will only talk about “What Happened to me just to keep the focus of this story”.
I was honestly Offended. basically in the “new media” it’s more about cross deals, no Monetary involvement. So we are only after the “Experience” and Bloggers exist because people look up to our opinions and that is one reason why my main blog uses “.me” extension.
To sum up, “I felt like” I was sold to Jabba the Hut then slapped on the face with the statement: “Hi I need a blogger! so you’re in? okay! good luck with the event okay? I already got the account, I got paid and I dont care about you anymore haha!” Without my co bloggers, I dont know how would I make it alive out of that pit! haha that was the best team building!


I have this Blogger friend since 2012 named Kim Nieves, we are to fill up another Blogger friend’s slot since he cant come, hence I now Kim that long and I have nothing to do over the weekend, so I agreed.


On the day of the Pre Event at Aracama, Kim along with her Boyfriend Daryl, decided to meet me in front of Aracama. Unfortunately, Kim misplaced her ID, so I decided to get in first and talk to the organizers about her situation and let Kim in, and let us do our blogger duties for the Sand Storm Pre Event. I was talking to someone from Aracama’s “Marketing” div, and she was all “CLUELESS” about us(Kim and I) and the PRE SAND STORM EVENT.

So my intuition kicked in, I am starting to question Ms.Cherry’s capability as a PR Officer since usually when PRs invite us, everything has been settled and all we need to do is show up and do what is ask of us or PRs will be on the ground with us so they’ll negotiate with the staff personally.

I told Kim my opinion, and since we are good friends we decided not to think too much and rather enjoy the moment together.


Primarily it was stated that we’ll be attending the actual SandStorm event by Friday(Nov21) and our job as a blogger covers until Sunday, yet on the Evening of Thursday(Nov20) it was on a TBA Status *Uncertainty again huh?* so here comes Friday and we were instructed to gather at DLTB around 2pm, but the info was posted late night.

I arrived at exactly 2pm and there were only less than Five (5) bloggers on the rendezvous then later I figured out that almost half “backed out”. Other bloggers warned us(Those who really stayed) that “They know something about the PR and we better back out while we are still in the Metro”. Then I told Kim again about it, “Kim, this is it, this is what my intuition is telllin me” but since we already exerted our efforts to be in the DLTB Bus Station, we decided to embark on this adventure, Hoping that we’ll be on a better note once we arrive in the Sand Storm Event Vicinity.

We kept on waiting and waiting, and decided to but-in why we are getting delayed. It took us around 5pm before our OFFICIAL bus left for Batangas.

So What happened with in 3hrs? Christian(a fellow blogger) decided to contact Ms.Cherry who forwarded us to Dexter and Francis though they weren’t any help in our situation (Which later on, we figured out that they were not part of the Organizing team) . So here comes Manong Boy from DLTB, he’s in charge of our bus whatsoever. There, we figured out THAT OUR MEDIA BUS WAS ACTUALLY NOT YET PAID BY THE ORGANIZERS*hummm More questions now popping out*. There could be a possible flaw with the organizers right? but the point here is, it should be OUR EMPLOYER WHO’S IN CHARGE OF KNOWING IF “HER TEAM” CAN REACH THE EVENT ON TIME AND PERFORM WHAT IS EXPECTED. The fact that we still need to make out initiative, it means it wasnt really organized properly.

So we have no choice but to use our connections, a friend of mine who happened to join our bus namely “Thys Estrada” who knows personally the owner of DLTB and decided to contact the owner since we might not make it on time. and yes around late 5pm we already left the said bus station.


As a blogger and has RSVP for this event weeks a head, I was expecting to have a smooth flowing transaction once I step on the event ground and could finally relax after the long trip.

AND HERE WE GO AGAIN! we were at the front desk and finally signing up for our Event ID, and to our surprise the front liners were all clueless about us Bloggers arriving the event and they weren’t informed that there will be a participation from us and totally cluless about the Villa we were promised.  *AGAIN??? Ms.Cherry??? HOW COME THEY DONT KNOW US? ARE WE REALLY PART OF THIS EVENT? I M STARTING TO THINK THAT WE RSVPed FOR AN EVENT IN NARNIA.*

So, here we are for the Nth time, IT WAS JUST US,no assistance from Ms.Cherry to and we just have to bargain all by our selves and gladly the organizers gave us a decent place to stay. Thank you.
I would also want to point out about our Zero Value NFC Event ID :/ hummmm…. I thought it was an “VIP/ALL ACCESS???”


Thank God they gave us a nice bed, room, a place to stay with power outlets so we can charge our gadgets haha some how we were relived, only a bit, I thought our misfortune has ended already, but, NO!


Since we are not allowed to bring food within the SandStorm vicinity, I have no choice but to surrender my Pizza and Biscuits at the main gate, expecting they have better than what I brought with me.
While we were still in the Metro, I remember we were offered to have MEALS from FRIDAY up to  SUNDAY, so since we were resched on Saturday, I put my faith to the organizers that they’ve already prepared for this. Then again, it’s a NO.
here is a photo from our thread. haha I didnt took photos of those since it’s something I dont want to remember. Photo from Christian’s Blog.
Cherry Bustamante Burwell BAD PR
Photo by Evo.
Cherry Bustamante Burwell Sand Storm PR BAD
I was just trying to be optimist about the situation, MAYBE THE ORGANIZERS WERE JUST PLAYING OUT WITH THE THEME, they’ve sent us a BOX yes a SLOPPY ONE! Sunny Side Up, Sloppy Sausage, Rice with Smell *gulp* at first I wouldnt care about it since it’s food eh, but the presentation was horrible, I feel like we are really experiencing a storm and we are literally stranded in a place where THEY DONT KNOW WHAT IS A GOOD FOOD.
Honestly my stomach got irritated and made me going back and forth inside the REST ROOM, not to mention the rice was kinds off.


Finally! team building is about to end, the event pack up a head of schedule, *There were issues with organizers*  the water was cut as well so most of us didnt have the chance to take a bath Now the next question is “Where is our Bus?” Christian confronted Ms.Cherry for it. it was hilarious  hearing from her that she still needs to settle it AGAIN on the same day haha! for all I know we were talking about this weeks ago? HOW COME YOU’RE JUST DOING THE COMMUNICATIONS ON THE SAME DAY?
From the pre event to the Manila Bound scene, there is one thing Im sure EVERYTHING WASNT ORGANIZED PROPERLY and that wasnt funny. I am writing this so one day if this things happen again, we can always look back to this experience. I dont believe in the word SORRY, I always go for CHANGE. dont bribe us now, just show us you are responsible for all the ACCURATELY INORGANIZED PROJECT WITH US and I believe it wont be hard to forgive.

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