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Papa John’s Pizza: Cravings without a Guilt


Rainy day is craving day! get a win win situation by feeding your cravings without the guilt at PapaJohn’s Pizza. 

Before I devour all the pizza presented on the table, I gave those side dishes a little credits 1st on the list:

Chicken Drumettes and wingettes – The name speak for it self, both cooked and marinated in an Italian way, I like the taste since it just right, not too chicken-y, not too salty, and I love the texture of it, cooked just right.


Diablo Burst– Well they just gave the right name for it! coz all of the ladies in the table didn’t even manage to dare lay their fork into this flaming hot demon. For someone like me who finds spicy food entertaining, I recommend this to you, regarding to the overall pasta, taste, and meatballs, Im giving it a two thumbs up! Perfectly tuned to Italian cooking 😀


SHRIMP AND GARLIC PIZZA —I 1st tried the SEAFOOD PIZZA since it was one of their best seller, judging by the looks, it wasn’t loaded with toppings, but as I laid my 1st bite, it was astonishingly amazing that the seafoodness was massively all over that slice!!! The cheese,garlic and particularly the shrimps feels like flirting with my tongue.image

LA FIESTA – it’s definitely a FIESTA! I don’t know what sorcery PapaJohn placed on this pizza but the meat and veggie toppings compliment each other, every bite is so much mega over SUPERLATIVELY FLAVORFUL!!! Something that you’ll definitely crave Over and over!!!


SUPER PAPA!!!—I love their branding team, I definitely don’t need to explain thoroughly but it is the SUPER PAPA OF ALL THEIR PIZZA. The flavor is over powering, it is so rich in meaty flavor balanced  with veggies especially with my favorite olive!! Boom!!! I love you super papa!!!


Well the question now is, WHAT’S SO SPECIAL WITH PAPA JOHN’S? if there will be something that I would label as their strong point is that, Papa john can feed your pizza cravings and serves it in a healthy way, an offer  which is distinctively a strong point compared to all the players in the pizza market:

“Grease-less Flavorful Pizza” I like the way they baked their pizza, if you can notice in other pizzas restaurants, they serve pizzas with over rated oil paper drenched with oiliness all over and not to mention it includes even the BOX. That’s crazy right? this is a rare view with Papa John’s.

“Completely no Spoil!” I grew up with my father requiring us not to leave any spoils on the table, that’s why I highly appreciate PapaJohn  that serves garlic sauce and pickled chilly and the result? Completely no spoil! Like, you just drip your pizza crust to it then pooff!!! Instant garlic bread 😀 and what’s amazing is that, the crust doesn’t turn mushy after dipping it in, it’s indistinguishable to a bread stick.


“Italian Feel” The Pickled Chilli and the ketchup  adds to the Italian feel, and this is what  I really love about Italian food, majority in the table are finger food and it really feels so comfortable doing the Italian way of eating. dip, pinch then bite.

I guess that sums up my foodgasmic trip at papa john’s, Im sure you’ll have a good one too 😀

For More information regarding to their branches, click HERE 😀

Thanks for reading 😀