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Movie Review| A Complemented Kind of Unfinished Business

Dave Franco Vince Vaughn Tom Wilkinson

I was invited by a friend during the premier of Unfinished Business, to be honest Im wasnt expecting that I’ll be bursting out of laughter from one act to another.

Im not that much of a Vince Vaughn fan but the film was just knitted perfectly well. Actually the right movie to watch if you are somehow struggling with your career, it’s just a feel good movie, just let the cast drown you to “OMG moments” hahah. and the best part is, Im sure you can barely related to this kind of situation since the Archetypes set for the main cast are actually present in our workplace. The Story Goes on the the reality that sometimes we just need to look beyond what is happening right now and try to see a little bit of positivity and let Jesus take the wheel.


Before I’ll end this post, watch out for Dave Franco! haha I guess this is the first time I saw him in this kind of role.From a Bully, Smart Guy, a Boyfriend from a zombie apocalyptic world and now a Geek haha, I just admire actors that can offer various swing of performance at the same time people still patronize them.

Go grab your Movie Therapy! Unfinished business are now showing to major cinemas in the Philippines on March 5.