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Personal | “To Go” on Valentines?

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Quoting  “love is just around the corner” but one of the few question is “which corner?”, Where and How could be the best date ever happen? Answering most of my friends’ issue for the coming “Valentines Day”, I made a list of your possible Place to take your Lover and carry out that BEST DATE EVER plan. but first you need to Orient Your Self.



As Dating happen to be a part of our nature, you need to look at the main reason “WHAT IS DATING” all about. Single or Not, you need to be aware that DATING is an act of “GETTING TO KNOW”,  it happens even with your parents and family members, it doesn’t have to be romantic.

Dating is always associated over a meal, simply because, going out with someone that triggers your senses can actually establish bonds with one another. So below are actually list of restaurants where I drop by and indulge with my favorite Comfort Food *I mean come on? who wouldn’t love to stay in chat over good food?*


Get to know a person based on how they eat, check this Paleo Restaurant in BGC.

CRISP at 28



Crisp at 28 can be found at the 28th Street at ALVEO Tower, few blocks away from FortStrip. From Time to time they have new Dishes and everything is worth the try. Everything in the Menu is based on Paleo Diet but not all SALAD, they also have Cakes, sweets, pasta etc. Basically it’s a Cave Man Diet, everything natural but the dishes taste like the usual modern dishes…only that, it’s MORE healthier and the Pricing is all worth it 😀 if you dont get the concept of Paleo, #IGoogleMoLang





If you Like it Sweet and Healthy, why not try YOH FROZ, they’re located inside HOBBES AND LANDES within Bonifacio High Streets. Yoh Froz Serves the right amount of sweetness and Creaminess in every cup or shake you purchase from them, Above in the Photo is my Favorite Mango Banana Shake, I get one sometimes after work to unwind. making a tour inside Hobbes and Landes could also branch out to a lot of topics since you’ll be seeing unusual things there 😀


Get to know someone by knowing “What’s their favorite Dish when they’re at home”.



Manam can be Found in GreenBelt2, next to Draft and Below 8Cuts Burger Blends. Manam offers Filipino Comfort Food from Viands such as Sinigang, Finger Foods like Chicken Wings in a very Pinoy Approach, and even to our All Time Favorite “UNIVERSITY FRIED RICE” that typical survival food during our University Days, Rice with Toppings.

Above is one of the “Twist” they do aside from the usual menu, every dish has their own versions, the usual and the Twist, this one, they use WATERMELON to Soften the Meat and also comes with a SWEET and SOUR taste for the Sinigang. yuuummm!!! IT’S A MUST TRY!!!



I have lots of Manam Related post on my Instagram Account, but here are some of my Comfort Food, Bangus and Bagoong Rice. you can enjoy great traditional Pinoy Dishes for the Price of 250Php each 😀 it can go for 2 Viands already 😀 I would also recommend to try the MANGO GINGER, usually, I spend most Afternoons here in Manam, sitting in my favorite corner with Mango Ginger while working on some Blogs or Client Related items.



Kitchen's Best Food Mango Sansrival Sweet Hot Mocha Choco Cocoa Drink Philippines Travel BGC


you can Find Kitchen’s Best in BGC, at the center of 30th and 31th Street, particularly Rizal Drive, next to Fort Legend Towers. I drop by here to satisfy my Sweet Tooth, the ambiance and the food is really good, also everything is affordable, maybe 250Php per head is too much. it’s Own by the famous Chef SANDY DAZA, so expect a really good Food, plus the interior is much more like Victorian, it’s a total package of GOOD DINING 😀

Above is my great Rival! MANGO SANRIVAL ughh!!! late nights are best with this duo on top, a Slice of Mango Sanrival and Hot Mocha 😀 I just love anything Mango paired with Hot Mocha, period! hahahah


Eto na! Alam na!





I believe I need not to elaborate this kind of Sinful hahaha, 8Cuts Burget Blends can be found in BGC, Serendra or at GreenBelt2 in Makati. There are days when you are so stressout and trust me, a GOOD AUTHENTIC BURGER is the best cure to that! That sensation when you can feel every shreds of meat slowly and gently breaking apart in every bite, then you’ll feel that the juices strating to squirt from it, oh my, I always get that foodgasm here, really good authentic burger is LOVE :D, I suggest you try their SALTED CARAMEL along with any burger, trust me it’s really the perfect combo! in a date or just stress eating yyyuuuuummm!!!!




Vyne can be located on top of W Building, neighboring FullyBooked in BGC, they offer really good food aside from enjoying the night partying here, you can also encounter trendy culinary experience especially, recently, a mix fusion of Dishes happen to be more accepted like this Ramen Carbonara, both good qualities of a noodle dish poured into one, Served warm while the Chef pours the Ramen Broth on the Spot after it is placed on the Table, there you’ll see how the scent of the Carbonara Harmonized with the broth, in a few, you’ll noticed that the Linguine(The kind of Pasta used) absorbs the broth in an instant, creating a Creamy Omami taste, a kind of strange you’ll love, plus it’s served with a Slow Poached Egg or AJITAMA in japanese term uuurrgggghh!!! it’s even topped with LEAN BACON, OH MY!!! speechless.



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Most dates are interesting when you see your partner eat any Finger Food like this PUGON FRESH PIZZA from PIZZA WORLD, few steps from Kamagong Corner Chino Rocess in Makati, I like the Dough when it has this Mediterranean feel in it, I dont know how to describe but I thing “Authentic Pizza Dough” would do here,  not the typical Pinoy Pizza, this one is really called FOOD hahahh anyway, dating in this place is really good, aside from the good food, the Brick Oven Essence is all over the place, it really sets the romantic vibe, allowing you guys more conversations 😀




A Little bit of alcohol is fun during dates, there are nights that I stress eat at Draft, either in Greenbelt 2, Makati and Fort Strip in BGC. enjoying cold nights with a really good draft beer and this Squid Linguine and you just let your self drown within the crowd filled with intellectual conversations, taking someone here really feels great, this is a really good place to distress your self or talk to someone in a very intellectually intimate conversation.



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Chelsea, one of my “to go” restaurants in Serendra. from the Interior, Service and the Dishes, boom! it definitely shows that it deserves the branding for Serendra, classy and Worth the Time and every Penny Spent. They Serve mostlyvMediterranean Dishes like Pizza and Pasta, so you better watch out for their killer promos, it’s all worth the moments 😀


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Honestly I haven’t really savored both the Smore and this Salad on the spot since I was on my last few Hours of Fasting, but what’s amazing is that, I was so smart to do “Take Out” hahaha I had with me Pizza, Chicken Wings, a Pinch of Smores and loads of this Rose Mary Grilled Ceazar Salad*Without the Bacon ugrhh!*. Chelseareally won my heart since what I ate was all Take Away, meaning, it’s already Few Hours Cold, but it still taste like Heaven, and I was still having that foodgasm over a cold pizza, a really good dish doesnt need to be HOT, a Really Good Food for me is when a dish taste great even if it’s Cold. same goes for that person you go out with, Hot or Cold, if they are really that Worth it, they’ll be that same person you’d hang around, Hot or Cold 😀

Yeah, Im sorry if most of this is located at BGC and Makati since this is just a portion of my “To Go” Comfort Food List ahhaha



I’ve tried seeing someone over a Fancy Restaurants to an Adventurous Food Crawls (Binondo / Katipunan etc) but one thing I’m accurate and would always do is to take that get to know over a “Street Food”. It may not be as fancy but you’ll definitely know more about someone’s Past(Not Referring to “ex lovers”) over Street Foods, Childhood Memories, Hisghschool Crushes, College Stress Eating Days hahaha Rain or Shine, fancy or not, you’d definitely enjoy that date because you enjoy that person’s company(not the corporate thing), and that’s how dating should go. Most of my spontaneous engagements happen like that and as much as I dont know why, but most dates are those that are spontaneous enough that I let the universe place us in that situation, we call “BEST DATE EVER” 😀


you can find Tuhog Tuhog(Street Food) like this at the Outer Skirts of Makati, I usually like the one close to my place, at Nichol’s Bridge corner Chino Roccess, Gate 3, the Manong(The one Maning the Stall) there knows how to cook Squid hahaha no over or under cook, at a price of 5Php per Ring is not bad hahaha


You can also try TWIRLING at any Family Marts scattered around Metro Manila, why not take the one your dating along with your friends? Twirling in Family Mart is Fun especially if the whole squad is present and also, when you see the person you get to know is actually comfortable with your group of friends is actually an assurance of …. Forrrrrreeevv(*$&(*&& *Internet Connection Error*… anyway, I believe in the saying that “You are an AVERAGE of your Circle of Friends”meaning, you share a common denominator with in a circle of friends, if your partner feels comfortable with them, it means she/he also likes that part of you.

If you think my blog doesnt insipre your VALENTINES PLAN? I still have one Option left 😀


Comment below if you have questions since there will be more Relationship Blogs will follow this 😀

Thank you for reading 😀